Should You Download the Whisk App? Our Review6 min read

Whisk App: Your Free Meal Planner and Recipe Guide

“Because meals don’t plan themselves,” Byrdie has created a 2022 list for the best meal planning apps to make dinner manageable, and the “Best Budget” app listed has definitely caught my attention: the Whisk App.

Why? Because there is actually an app that is available on both Android and iOS, has limitless number of recipes, helps in meal planning, organizes your shopping list, and is free of ads and cost! Too good to be true?

Let’s Start Whisking!

Once you sign up, which can be done in seconds through Google, Facebook or even Samsung account, Whisk will ask for your goal. Whether it’s for eating healthier or cooking more often, they cater to all your needs. However, I was not a fan of having to choose just one goal, because if you are as indecisive as I am, then you know how difficult it is to do so.

Join Different Communities

After indicating your goal, they will suggest several communities to join such as “Vegetarian Recipes” or “Desserts from Everywhere.” No judgement! Choose whatever you are into and start scrolling down your feed. You will see people’s reviews and comments on recipes to get a better idea and just save whatever you want to your collection.

Whisk Communities

However, I was a bit disappointed with the instructions tab of the recipes. It can be time consuming as the application will open the actual website, where you will probably have to go through some advertisements here and there, and it may also take you a good minute to scroll all the way down to find the direct steps.

Perhaps a future update for this app would be to scan the websites for the exact recipes to show you exactly what you need, but for now, you’re bound to visiting these different websites.

So why download Whisk? Organize Your Recipes Wherever, Whenever

In addition to providing recipes on the application itself, Whisk will blow your mind when it comes to combining recipes from any website or mobile app you want. It’s ability to combine and organize recipes from different sources is what makes it stand out from the rest. So instead of looking through your screenshots or bookmarks for 20 minutes to find the recipe you saw last month, you can simply use your mobile or desktop browser to share any recipe you found online with the application, and it will all be stored in one place.

Whisk Meal Organisation Tools

It is really simple and intuitive to save recipes from the internet to the app because it’s precisely the same as adding stuff to Instagram or Pinterest for example. At the end, a recipe and its component ingredients are digested by Whisk and converted into an automatically generated shopping list.

Yep, you read that right, shopping list!

Create Your Shopping List in a Minute

While looking for culinary ideas online, you don’t need to use a pen and paper or your notes app that is probably filled with random grocery lists. You can feel confident going to the grocery store that you won’t forget a thing!

We know that with meal planning, it can be a hassle to discover recipes, compile an ingredient list, and make it to the grocery shop every few days. To save time, Whisk will add all the required ingredients of whatever recipe you want, along with your desired portion size, and you can remove items according to your personal preference.

Whisk Shopping List

The application will also detect your region and provide you with their available integrated grocery shops. Unluckily for some of us, this online service is only offered in some locations, mainly in the United States, Australia, and Germany. Nevertheless, if you do not have the online grocery shopping feature in your country, you can still benefit from another delicious feature:

Plan your Weekly Meals

Many hours are spent online searching for new and relevant recipes, yet most people tend to make the same familiar dishes over and over or end up ordering from their favorite fast-food restaurant. With Whisk, you can stop thinking about it and start adding your favorite recipes to each day of the week to get your meal preps in order. And for all the athletes and calorie-minded folks out there, all recipes will provide you with its full nutritional value to help you stay on track. But I am sorry to break it to you, you will have to manually record your total consumption of nutrients, as Whisk cannot be integrated with any fitness application to count your daily calorie intake.

Weekly Meal Planner and Calorie Calculation Feature

Final Thoughts

Many of us have been through a phase where we download every food app that ever existed, saving more than twenty recipes on each one, and then never coming back to them ever again because it became like a messy pile of clothes on the bedroom chair that you basically choose to ignore.  

But one thing is clear here; Whisk is more than just food recipes application. If you enjoy your time in the kitchen, and just need a bit of help with organizing your recipes, groceries, and meal plans, then Whisk app is the perfect addition to your mobile’s home screen.