Voyager vs. Binance: Which One Is Best for You?5 min read

2020 was the year that saw an increase in the number of people trading cryptocurrencies, and there are many predictions that the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow. This is not surprising, as several investors continue to benefit more and more from cryptocurrency trading. However, there is a downside at the top of cryptocurrency trading, which often involves a lot of technical analysis, making it complex for beginners.

Most new traders lose their initial investment before completing their training curve, so starting with a free account or a small capital is a good idea. Voyager and Binance are cryptocurrency trading platforms best known for their low transaction cost and ease of use. This guide will look at both products to help you choose the best investment platform.

Features and Functionality: Voyager vs. Binance:

Voyager Binance

Voyager and Binance are the major cryptocurrency trading platforms. Below are the different features and capabilities they offer;

The main features and capabilities of Voyager

  • Cryptocurrencies Investment: Invest in Cryptocurrencies with Voyager for high profits and bonuses
  • Cryptocurrency Loans: Receive cryptocurrency loans from Voyager
  • Cryptocurrency trading: trade and invest in cryptocurrencies with Voyager
  • Digital Assets: Voyager offers over 30 cryptocurrencies
  • Free trading: trade your cryptocurrency assets free of charge
  • Mobile Access: is a mobile cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Security: Money-back guarantee with FDIC insurance
  • Signup Bonus – Earn crypto bonuses for joining the platform and trading

Key Binance Features and Resources

Below is a list of Binance’s main features and capabilities;

  • Crypto Assets: Binance offers over 300 cryptocurrencies for trading
  • Crypto Loans – Get crypto loans from Binance to trade
  • Crypto Staking – Earn cryptocurrencies by placing stakes with cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto VISA: simplified physical and digital trading with Crypto MasterCard
  • Decentralized App Browser: Find Decentralized Tokens and Apps on Binance Mobile (TrustWallet)
  • Discounts and Coupons: Binance offers its users trade discounts and coupons.
  • High Trading Volume: Engage in large-scale trading with Binance every day
  • Investment: invest in cryptocurrencies with the Binance app and Trust Wallet
  • Multiple Devices: Has a mobile version and a desktop version
  • Security: Binance works with FDIC Insurance to protect assets

Pricing: Voyager vs. Binance 

Voyager and Binance have different prices. Below is a full list of pricing details;

Voyager pricing details

  • FREE – $0

Binance Price Details

  • Minimum trading amount: 10 USD
  • Transaction cost – 0.1%

Reasons to choose Voyager over Binance.


Below are some reasons why you should choose Voyager over Binance:

  • Has over 30 digital assets
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It is flexible and can be used anytime, anywhere in the world
  • No transaction fees are required
  • No withdrawal fees are required
  • Offers crypto bonuses to its users
  • Provides cryptocurrency loans to its users
  • Simplification of the trading process
  • Suitable for beginners

Reasons to choose Binance over Voyager.


Below are the main reasons why you should choose Binance instead of Voyager;

  • Binance provides excellent analytical tools for margin trading
  • It can be used to trade large volumes
  • Binance has an enormous number of crypto assets available for trading
  • Has more advanced trading tools
  • It has a multilingual feature
  • No deposit fees are required
  • Provides a decentralized app through its mobile app
  • Provides training guidance in the form of documentation
  • Suitable for Cross-Chain Defi
  • Suitable for cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Suitable for fast transactions
  • Suitable for staking

Similarities Between Voyager and Binance

Below is a comprehensive list of key similarities between Voyager and Binance;

  • Both are accessible on mobile devices
  • Both are decentralized
  • Both are suitable for cryptocurrency trading
  • Both have FDIC insurance
  • Both have low transaction costs compared to their competitors
  • Both offer cryptocurrency loans to their users
  • Both offer users investments in cryptocurrencies
  • Both support many cryptocurrencies

Conclusion on Voyager vs. Binance

Voyager and Binance are two major cryptocurrency exchanges; however, after an in-depth look at both platforms, Voyager was found to have a more intuitive and beginner-friendly interface than Binance. However, Binance is more profitable for cryptocurrency trading.

Voyager is recommended for beginners and small traders, while Binance has more advanced tools to expand its cryptocurrency portfolio. Voyager does, however, offer many crypto freebies to its merchants, allowing them to build a portfolio quickly. The final choice in a trading platform is yours. However, for traders interested in cryptocurrency trading, Binance comes highly recommended.

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Here are some FAQs about both platforms.

Can US citizens use Binance?

US citizens who are relatively new to cryptocurrencies and trying to create a new Binance account cannot create new Binance accounts. However, US citizens who already had pre-restricted accounts can still use their accounts. However, Binance has introduced a new platform for US citizens called, which offers limited functionality. The mobile version of Binance is available in all countries around the world, has all the features of Binance, and is more integrated.

Is it possible to buy Voyager on Binance?

Voyager is not available on Binance; however, this service is available in a mobile version.

Which Cryptocurrency Trading Platform is Best for Cryptocurrency Trading?

Binance offers better trading tools and a wider variety of cryptocurrencies, but Voyager is easier to use and more beginner-friendly.

Can you swap currencies on Voyager?

While Binance can be used for cryptocurrency swapping and trading, Voyager is primarily a cryptocurrency trading brokerage platform. Therefore, it does not accept cryptocurrency swapping.