Voyager Exchange Crypto Review 202211 min read

The world of cryptocurrencies has become quite ambiguous, with constant developments happening every day, leading users to face a huge dilemma of choosing a genuine trading platform. Hence, the need to review some of these projects and exchanges. This review focuses on the Voyager exchange, which has established itself as a genuine and reliable company. It offers a simplified trading system where clients can buy and sell digital assets on a commission-free fee structure for incredible profits.

Voyager offers a 24/7 marketing service available in a regulated and licensed app in the Android and IOS app stores. Voyager exchange is a cryptocurrency investment platform that makes it easier for traders to buy and sell digital assets. It also allows traders to earn interest simply by holding assets in the Voyager app.

What is Voyager?


The Voyager platform was created in 2017 by four Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in New Jersey, USA, to create an improved, simple and profitable replacement for digital trading assets.

Voyager functions as a cryptocurrency exchange, providing institutional and privatized investors with a platform that allows them to trade multiple exchanges and OTC liquidity providers through a single entry point, eliminating the need for individual accounts, wallets, and unnecessary keys.

Voyager unites the fragmented cryptocurrency ecosystem, providing investors with unprecedented liquidity-driven speed and a secure digital-ass storage system.

How does Voyager work?

Voyager earn

As mentioned above, Voyager operates cost-effectively, so customers don’t have to pay fees to the platform. Voyager uses an intelligent order routing system that determines the best price to buy and sell a cryptocurrency, using the price differentials offered by other cryptocurrencies.

Voyager picks the best price by comparing it to the 12 most prominent and famous exchanges. It also gives investors smaller spreads between bid and asks prices and a high liquidity rate, making it easier to enter and exit a position.

The basic algorithm of Voyager is that when the platform finds a better deal for the user, it increases their savings and keeps a small percentage of the price difference. It can therefore be said that Voyager only makes a profit when the user does.

Is Voyager regulated?

Yes, Voyager is a publicly regulated, listed, and audited company in the United States that offers FDIC insurance through its partner banks for up to $250,000 stored in a user’s account. It is the only fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the United States licensed to operate in 49 states (excluding New York). The statutory name of the platform is Voyager Digital, LLC.

Features of Voyager

Voyager Features
  • With advanced market data, interactive charts, and professionally researched news, Voyager provides clients with powerful tools to gain an edge in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Another advantageous feature of Voyager is that the platform offers a secure storage system to allow users to archive their digital currencies in collaboration with their partners.
  • Another unique feature of Voyager is that traders can automate their investments on the platform by presetting their favorite crypto assets to buy and sell based on their cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • The platform allows investors to trade over 60 key digital assets to instantly fund their accounts and start trading with a minimum balance of just $10.
  • The platform also provides educational resources such as Node Blog and updated news. Simpler beginner trading articles are available on this blog to help you make an informed and easy-to-understand decision. A regularly updated news feed provides the latest happenings in the crypto universe.
  • The unique feature of Voyager is that it provides users with an innovative execution platform that uses the Smart Order Router system to calculate the best price of an asset, comparing it to the 12 largest and most popular exchanges, thus creating more likely conditions for profiting from the business.
  • Using the platform, cryptocurrency traders have the opportunity to earn up to 12% DAE interest on over 30 digital products. All you have to do is keep your coins in the Voyager app to automatically earn interest at the end of the month. This crypto platform is a great place to earn interest.
  • Voyager also offers a built-in Profit/Loss Calculator that helps customers get comprehensive information about their active crypto holdings.
  • Voyager offers a highly secure and secure FDIC trading ecosystem for up to $250,000, so users can be confident that the digital currencies are safe and secure.

Voyager Exchange Review: Pros and Cons


  • Access to a huge number of crypto assets and other stable currencies. 
  • Instant account deposits.
  • No trading fees. 
  • Simple verification process.
  • Up to 12% higher APY rate. 
  • You can start trading for as little as $10. 


  • Currently, this only works for US residents (outside New York).
  • No self-custodial function to protect digital assets.
  • The currency exchange function is not provided.
  • Unavailability of on-call customer service.

Voyager Registration Process

You can tell that ease of use is one of the main reasons Voyager works. The platform has some of the fastest account setups in the cryptocurrency world. All you need to do is download the app, create a Voyager account, get verified, and add funds using the account icon. You can deposit up to $5,000 daily from an external wallet and instantly trade over 30 cryptocurrency and stablecoin assets on the platform.

According to Voyager’s analysis, users can deposit US dollars directly using a trade ticket. The Smart Order Routing (SOR) system has also simplified the operation of the platform. A variety of advanced tools are available on the app to help improve your ability to trade profitably. The user interface is simple and streamlined, so even novice traders have no problem making their first trade.

Voyager should be credited for launching a simple yet highly secure mobile platform that combines innovative technology with an honest control system and pricing mechanism. This is a refreshing approach for beginners in this trading environment. Skilled traders also benefit from several extended features, such as extremely fast charts and analysis and trading tools. This allows them to better understand the effects of this transaction.


The steps to open a Voyager Exchange account are outlined below:

Step 1

The first step to starting cryptocurrency trading on Voyager is to open an account on the platform. There are no trading fees available here. To open an account, you must download the mobile application from the IOS/Android store. Once you have done this, open the mobile app and go to the “Register” option available on the platform.

Step 2

You must now follow all the instructions on the screen and give the necessary permissions required by the Crypto Voyager app to collect the information needed to complete the identity verification process. Therefore, it must demonstrate compliance with the terms and conditions of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

Step 3

Upon completing the registration and compliance verification process, users will be notified that their account has been successfully opened and is fully operational to begin trading. You can now log in to your bank account and start investing immediately.

Voyager Fees


It has a commission-free app that provides full transparency on the price customers have to pay when buying or selling a digital asset, and that makes Voyager a cryptocurrency exchange with lower commissions. Voyager Exchange Analysis uses the intelligent order routing system to determine the best price by comparing the source price of more than a dozen of the most reliable exchanges and then taking advantage of commodity exchange rate fluctuations. 

Finally, it can be said that Voyager does not charge trading fees, and it takes an undefined fee via a spread-based mechanism, where fees are only applied if the investor makes a profit. Among other things, Voyager charges withdrawal fees when trading cryptocurrency from the account, which ranges from currency to currency.

Voyager App

Voyager App

The most outstanding feature of the platform is its fully functional mobile app. The app offers full-time cryptocurrency trading and ease of investing with an intuitive user interface. The trading mechanism in the mobile application is quite simple. Investors get a faster order by entering the order information and moving on.

Both vertical and horizontal chart views are available on the mobile platform for informed trading. A 2FA feature is also available on mobile devices to ensure that only users can log into their Voyager accounts. The Voyager encryption app is available for free on iOS and Android stores.

VGX Token Details

Voyager Token

The Voyager Token (VGX) is the platform’s native token. Investors can buy and trade the token directly through their USD bank account. The VGX token pays the users within the Voyager crypto environment.

When traders have the Voyager token in their app, they can earn 5% interest on the token. This can later offer cash rewards and other cool features. VGX tokens can be stored on the Ethos universal wallet, giving users the power to securely regulate over 150 cryptocurrency assets. Voyager connects to various exchanges to provide users with various digital asset options.

Countries supported by Voyager.

The platform is available to US residents in 49 states and all US territories except New York.

Voyager Supported Cryptocurrencies

Voyager has plans for expansion for the foreseeable future, as evidenced by the information on its website, which indicates that the platform could safely regulate over 150 cryptocurrency assets.

Here are some of the crypto assets supported by the platform:-

  • Band Protocol (BAND)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Chiliz (CHZ)
  • Compound (COMP)
  • Dash (Dash)
  • Multi-Collateral Dai (DAI)

Voyager Exchange Security Measures

Voyager is a public company that uses state-of-the-art technology to prevent hackers from tracking digital customer assets. Also, voyager has created an original and trusted name in the cryptocurrency world by using bank account security for its users’ funds.

Voyager’s primary storage function for its customers is cold storage, meaning that most of an investor’s funds are stored in offline wallets. This system makes it possible to maintain the transparency of the user’s history in the event of a security breach within the company.

Additionally, merchants must enter a code sent to them via text or email when they log into their Voyagers account. This added level of security keeps personal information and assets tamper-proof in the event of a security breach.

Voyager Exchange Review: Conclusion

The platform offers users a cheaper alternative to trading due to its commission-free trading service. Moreover, the platform has a fast speed and a fuller range of assets available for cryptocurrency investments. It also offers a unique feature to provide viable options for earning interest on altcoins.

Although there are several advantages of using the Voyager exchange platform, the platform is trying to eliminate some shortcomings soon, such as its limited regional availability, lack of self-keeping feature for customers, and the absence of an original desktop from your mobile app during peak hours. 

Even though the platform has some shortcomings, it has a competitive edge over its competitors. Moreover, the institution is working hard to remove barriers to its operation and liberalize trade for future global investors.