Top 10 Metaverse Stocks to buy in 20226 min read

The metaverse is a captivating three-dimensional digital world accessible in real-time by an unlimited number of people, allowing social interactions, commerce, etc. For now, it’s more science fiction than reality. However, several technology companies are trying to make this vision a reality.

It takes patience because the metaverse can take a decade or more to develop. But this is really great news for those who would like to invest in it. The metaverse is clearly in its early stages, so investing in Metaverse stocks is not too late. Let’s look at how to invest in this interesting space and some of the companies positioned to benefit from this trend.

 More Metaverse stocks are available from reputable companies to generate profits in 2022. Investors are building a huge demand for Metaverse technology stocks in the digital ecosystem. So let’s take examine some of the top ten Metaverse stocks to buy before they explode in 2022.

Top 10 metaverse stocks in 2022


Ndivia Metaverse Stocks
  • Current price: $236.42
  • Market cap: $589.16 billion

NVIDIA is a leader in the metaverse for opening up its own metaverses for engineers, adding millions of Blender users to the Omniverse. NVIDIA is determined to make hundreds of billions of dollars in actual GPU hardware and software sales. Omniverse is known for providing the ability to integrate physics into a collaborative 3D virtual world.

Unity Software

Unity Metaverse Stocks
  • Current price: $99.09
  • Market cap: $28.99 billion

Unity Software is one of metaverse’s key technology stocks for delivering real-time interactive 3D content. This Metaverse company offers a real-time 3D software development platform via augmented reality and extended reality. It launched its Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) to help creators create AR content efficiently and effectively. 

Walmart, Inc.

Walmart Metaverse Stocks
  • Current price: $137.99
  • Market cap: $382.77 billion

Walmart, Inc. is a major Metaverse player preparing to venture into Metaverse technology with its own cryptocurrencies and NFT pools. It filed trademarks on metaverse in 2021 with “verse to home” and an in-house cryptocurrency. 

CrowdStrike Holdings

Crowstrike Metaverse Stocks
  • Current price: $164.93
  • Market cap: $37.83 billion

CrowdStrike Holdings is a Metaverse stock well known for its cloud-based security software. It is suitable for the data security of the metaverse to enable this Metaverse company to run the digital world. Also, it provides end-to-end security to protect an entity from potential data breaches with zero-trust protection for Metaverse technology-critical devices. 

Adobe Inc.

  • Current price: $442.56
  • Market cap: $209.04 billion

Adobe Inc. is one of the best-known Metaverse technology stocks, determined to invest in Metaverse technology to take advantage of the digital world. This Metaverse company is focused on partnering with metaverse to grow efficiently. Adobe will expand its product line in emerging areas, such as creating 3D objects and ensuring new videos are authentic in the metaverse. 

Immersion Corp

Immerson Metaverse Stocks
  • Current price: $4.78
  • Market cap: $157.86 million

Immersion Corp. is gaining popularity as Metaverse stock for its haptic feedback technology, which is known as haptic technology. The goal of this Metaverse company is to enable users to play anywhere in the digital world. It is determined to use the five senses in Metaverse technology.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft company logo. (PRNewsFoto/Microsoft Corp.) (PRNewsfoto/Microsoft Corp.)
  • Current price: $287.93
  • Market cap: $2.16 billion

Microsoft Corporation is a popular metaverse technology company because it was the first tech conglomerate to think of creating metaverses to take full advantage of advanced technology. This Metaverse company consists of various mixed reality tools and platforms, professional services, and suitable and safe games to use in the metaverse.

Meta (Formerly Facebook)

  • Current price: $206.16
  • Market cap: $561.16 billion

Meta is metaverse’s leading company that is transforming the entire brand to create excitement in digital worlds and allow people to work as digital, artificial intelligence avatars and interact with each other. The Metaverse project is in its infancy, but it has become one of the most popular Metaverse stocks to invest in 2022. It continues to experiment with Metaverse technology in various areas of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Vuzix Corp.

Vuzix Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Vuzix Corporation)
  • Current price: $5.66
  • Market cap: $360.16 billion

Vuzix Corp. is a popular stock in the metaverse and a leading provider of smart glasses and augmented reality technology products. Therefore, this Metaverse company can use its mastery of smart optics to be a major player in Metaverse technology with AR/VR smart glasses. Metaverse needs portable devices to deliver exciting experiences through Vuzix Corp. 

Roblox Corp.

  • Current price: $49.72
  • Market cap: $29.13 billion

Roblox Corp. is one of metaverse’s top stocks to invest in 2022, as it focuses on transforming people’s experiences in this digital world. This platform is booming in the kids’ community with its presence in various games. These games provide players with virtual worlds to interact and socialize within the metaverse. This Metaverse company is gaining popularity due to its involvement with the target audience through a series of captivating and interactive events.