List of Most Amazing Subnautica Mods Ever Created6 min read

Are you a passionate player and looking for the best subnautica mods? Here we have made a list to quench your thirst.

In subnautica mods, the best thing is to allow the player more time to explore and build but instead of spending valuable minutes managing the stock and making things much more commodities and effective. However, these are not all the best mods, as certain features are introduced in the vanilla version of this water adventure.

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How to install Subnautica Mods?

The installation process for Subnautica mods resembles most Bethesda games. First of all, you will need a Nexus Mods account because most mods in this list can’t be downloaded without one. The mod manager from Nexus Mods, Vortex, also deserves a download, which greatly facilitates the installation process for each mod.

To load mods into Subnautica, download the QModManager. This mod manager tells you when some of your mods conflict, making diagnosing problems easy if they happen. Be aware that QModManager doesn’t work with the Nitrox mod, thereby restricting severely the number of mods that you can use to play with a cooperative buddy.

1. Realistic Recipes And Increased Difficulty

This was specifically designed for players looking for a much harder performance. The mod makes the problem even more realistic by changing blueprint values. Usually, this means that recipes have higher requirements so that stock management will be added to the focus.

And, again, for those looking for a challenge, this is a great fashion. So if you’re a new player, this is not recommended for you.

2. Nitrox – Multiplayer Mod

The Nitrox-Multiplayer Mod is probably the most impressive, innovative, and desired add-on in a single-player game. it never intended to have several people in the same world. The players clearly showed that they wish to bathe around and build a seabase with their fellows by over 600,000 downloads on Nexus.

Additionally, these mod developers have implemented some important features to synchronize player movement, as well as to define how players interact in a bug-free manner. Players who want to add a completely new layer to their experience in Subnautica should grab a friend to try online.

3. MAP

This time in the form of a robust map, this time in the PDA in the game. Subnautica has no map system because players want to use beacons to track where they are. Please select the map, which plots where you are currently present and where you were previously. The map does not remove all the mysteries from Subnautica; unknown sites are covered by fog, ensuring the discovery of interesting destinations.

Newmann55, The person behind the mod has gone beyond the implementation of the map. To get the full range of capabilities from the map, you must equip the compass and scanner HUD chip. This map was integrated intelligently into Subnautica’s other mechanics to make the game feel as if it always were part of the game.

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4. All-in-One Fabricator

This next mod will change the way that you play the game when it comes to Fabricator.

Depending on what you want to build, you won’t have to get between the Fabricator anymore, as everything could be easily built from one location.

5. MoreQuickSlots

the MoreQuickSlots mod functions similarly to the Slot Extender mod and is designed for the hotbar of the player against the hotbar of a car. Many people have always found it strange that there are 9 tools but only 5 fast slots in the game.

With this new yet simple mod, players can now have all (and some!) tools accessible immediately when needed, just like the game’s vanilla version should have.


Use the Upgraded Vehicle mod to improve all of your vehicles in Subnautica, increasing the benefits gained from upgrading depth modules. This is very useful in the middle to the late game where some of the smaller cars feel much too tentative to use – just add a speed boost module to the car to improve its top speed instantaneously. These improvements are essential because they provide players with multiple vehicle options rather than relying entirely upon Prawn.

7. Lifepod Unleashed

Lifepod Unleashed is far one of the most interesting mods. And it’s a great way to make your next game even more exciting.

The mod causes your pod to sprout right after starting a new game at a random location on the map.

It’s great for players who want to change things to a brand new playthrough, as I mentioned earlier. So it is not recommended for you if you are playing it for the first time. However, for your second or third time, you must try it.

8. EasyCraft

While Subnautica’s production is not rocket science, aspects are certainly optimized, though it can produce a real spacecraft.

EasyCraft is yet another convenient way of life that facilitates the production of a core mechanic for this game. Now, if the desired object is created, a manufacturer can use all the things stored in the seabases

9. Random Creature Size

Before going into some of Subnautica’s more serious gameplay mods, you can try spice-up a few fun small mods.

Perhaps this one doesn’t do much, but it’s a darn time. It leads to animals spawning in random sizes.

All you have to do is set the range of dimensions and enemies are sprayed within the parameters you set randomly generated.

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Are you sick of any Subnautica vehicle’s green headlights? WhiteLights defaults to white, changing the color of lights on Seaglide, Sea Moth, and Prawn Suit. This mod makes exploring easier, as, in reality, you can see what lies ahead in the night. You can even change the color of the lights to whatever you want to set the config file.

11. Slot Extender

The few slots you’ll feel in the Seamoth or Prawn Suit in a vehicle can make you feel rather lacking. It is a space-aged technology made by the same group of people building spaceships, giant lasers, and much, so it feels unrealistic to have a personal underwater that can only do four things at a time.

You should install the slot extension mod which provides 12 shortcut slots in total so you can make your crossing on your bottom as convenient as ever.


It accelerates the first hour and a half of gameplay so that you have all the tools you need to get started in a short amount of time For players who are already familiar with Subnautica and don’t need to go through multiple tutorials for each tool, this is a great option for them. For those who want more challenges, there’s a mod menu where you can change some of the default settings. In this way, you can alter the settings according to your own.

13. Alien Rifle

This strange-looking artefact is probably familiar to those who have explored the map extensively. It’s hidden behind a protective green barrier in the locked facility.

That was an alien-made rifle. As a result of the container’s design, we are unable to remove it. Aspart from using this mod, which gives you a new weapon against those reapers.


Here we have described the best subnautica mods for you. Just install them to have the best gaming experience.