Mooncoin (MOON) Price Prediction 20224 min read

In recent years, there has been a surge in the development of cryptocurrencies. Some altcoins have grown exponentially in a short period of time. And some altcoins have been around for years, and they have yet to have seen their big break. Nonetheless, many believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of our era, and investing in the right coin will either make you or break you.

 This article briefly informs you about Mooncoin, and where it will be headed in the near future. The Mooncoin protocol is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that hopes to oversee a wider range in the use of digital currencies. The Mooncoin organization was founded in December of the year 2013, and was developed with the intention of creating enough coins for everyone.

The Technology behind Mooncoin

Mooncoin is a decentralized blockchain which behaves in a simple yet a reliable manner. Subsequently, it defines itself as a “people-oriented” platform. Due to the fact that it’s easily accessible to the public. Mooncoin is powered by its native cryptocurrency, MOON.

Founders of Mooncoin hope to achieve a fast and a secure platform that is suitable for carrying out day-to-day monetary transactions. Moreover, developers at Mooncoin wanted to ensure a flexible and a simple to use system. So, they have created a programming language specifically designed to be part of the Mooncoin ecosystem. The network’s programming language is publicly known as MoonWord. It was designed with the intention of maintaining transaction records within the blockchain. It also allows network users to write codes on top of the blockchain and execute them.

 Mooncoin uses a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism in order to validate transactions within the blockchain. This consensus provides a solution to double-spending, and ensures secure transactions within the network. However, the PoW consensus requires high energy consumption in order to complete transactions. Therefore, making Mooncoin the opposite of an eco-friendly cryptocurrency.

What Makes Mooncoin Unique?

As a reference to its name, Mooncoin has a limited total supply of 385,000,000,000 coins. This number represents the average distance it takes from planet Earth to the Moon. Although, having a large supply of coins could result with the cryptocurrency not going up in value. Nonetheless, this means that the coin will have a regulated price and would endure long-term market stability.

What also differs Mooncoin from its competitors is the fact that it’s designed to be a micropayment-friendly cryptocurrency. Something cryptocurrencies have failed to achieve due to the high fees associated with every transaction; that is until recently though. This gives Mooncoin holders the satisfaction of carrying out payments of less than 5 dollars using the MOON cryptocurrency.

Mooncoin Price Analysis

Keep in mind that Mooncoin is not a very well-known cryptocurrency. Therefore, its value is a mere reflection of its mass coin supply and popularity.  MOON was found on the market in January of the year 2014 with the price of $0.00000587 USD. It now has a market cap of over 6 million dollars, and is ranked as the 1597th coin according to its market cap value.

Since its release, the price of the altcoin endured minor fluctuations. That is until it reached its all-time high price of $0.00109620 USD on the date of January 6th, 2018. However, within 3 years since its all-time high, the altcoin recorded its all-time low value just over a year ago with a price of $0.000000099553 USD on June 13th, 2020. Nontheless, Mooncoin recorded a positive percentage change of 21,436.27% since its all-time low value till up to this date. The Mooncoin cryptocurrency currently holds the price of $0.00002144 USD.

Mooncoin Price Prediction 2022

Within the first month of the new-year, Mooncoin is expected to open with a price of $0.000210 USD. It has been forecasted that the minimum price the altcoin could reach is set at $0.0000178 USD, and the maximum price is set at $0.0000262 USD. The altcoin is susceptible to a percentage change of 23.25% for the month of January.

In the month of June, the price of MOON is expected to open with a value of $0.0000206 USD. The minimum price expected for that month is set at a value of $0.0000175 USD, and the maximum is expected to be set at $0.0000257 USD. The percentage change that is expected to be endured for the month of June has been calculated to be 20.14%.

For the month of December, Mooncoin is expected to open with an estimated price of $0.0000180. The minimum price it’s been forecasted to reach is set at a value of $0.0000149 USD, and the maximum is set at $0.0000220 USD. It will most like endure a percentage change of 3.53% within the last month of 2022. However, for the entirety of the year of 2022, Mooncoin is expected to record an average percentage change of -16.19%.

In Conclusion

Although Mooncoin has a considerably low price compared to other cryptocurrencies, and investing in it now will cost you a low sum of money. It is unclear however, whether the altcoin is going to be experiencing a potential increase in its price within the far future. Therefore, in order to ensure the protection your assets, do partake in thorough research of your desired cryptocurrency using trusted data analytics.