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If your search for a good money managing app lead you here, then congrats for realizing you need the help! Coming to terms with your financial situation is the first step to start your budgeting journey. The second step is to continue reading this review on the Money Lover app. Because when it comes to controlling your daily expenses and making long-term goals, this app will keep you in check.

What you can do on the Money Lover app

Is Money Lover free?

Yes, Money Lover is a free app with premium features for paying users. I was a bit confused at the beginning, because they do not tell you there is more than one paid plan. When signing up, the premium is offered at a half-price discount for an on-spot payment of $18.

But later on, I got a pop-up for a monthly subscription that includes a 7-day trial, which I totally went for. Apparently, that was NOT a premium subscription… I subscribed to a budget plus plan which does not give you full access or features.

Then the app decided to give me a further discount on the premium version, making it at $7.99 for a life-time subscription. I mean nobody’s complaining about those budget-friendly prices, but I’m not a fan of such promotional gimmicks.

Money Lover Premium and Budget Plus

Anyway, after clearing out the confusion, here’s a short comparison between the budget plus and premium:

Money Lover Budget Plus vs. Premium

The table sums up the main points and features, but there are other things to consider as well:

  • The free version limits you to 1 wallet, 1 budget, and 1 event.
  • You will get 50% discount on the premium version as a free user when signing up.
  • You will also get 80% discount on the premium version when subscribing for the budget plus.
  • Linking your bank requires an additional fee upon both subscriptions (monthly and yearly options are available). You can check out the list of banks supported by Money Lover to see if your bank is included as well.

My issue was that I had to figure it all out by digging around the app, as they don’t bluntly state it anywhere. So at least now, you know exactly what you’re getting into before subscribing!

How does Money Lover App works?

Like any other budgeting app, you create a monthly wallet and start adding transactions to keep track of your spending. You have all these categories to choose from, so that later on, you know exactly where your money is going.

Adding a transaction on Money Lover

Yes, I know, we’ve seen this all before in many other apps…

So, what’s special about Money Lover?

The 4 Planning Tools to Grow your Savings


At first you will get a virtual tour guide to show you around the budgeting tool with some tips and tricks to help you out.

Start putting budgets for the categories you want whether its food, transportation, electricity, etc… You can even create your own categories if whatever you spend on is not on the list.

Money Lover will also give budgeting advice that may not cross your mind. For example, to set a budget for the ‘other expenses’ category, in order to control the minor unnecessary expenses.

Budget on Money Lover


Let’s say you’re going on a vacation to Fiji, and you don’t want to find yourself with $30 left half-way through your trip. Just create a ‘Fiji’ event on Money Lover and turn on the travel mode once your plane has landed. Then all your transactions will be recorded under the event to track how much you’re spending.

Plus, this feature is not only for travelling purposes. For example, you can add a “weekend” event to control those Sunday brunch mimosas. Or maybe a “Christmas” event so you don’t get carried away with the holiday gift shopping.  

This feature will allow you to maintain a healthy financial lifestyle no matter what the time or occasion is.

Event Feature and Travel Mode

Recurring Transactions

Money Lover can automatically add your repeated transactions, whether its daily, weekly or monthly. So you don’t have to manually put in your Netflix subscription every month.

Adding a recurring transaction


You will never forget to pay your rent or internet subscription, as Money Lover will notify you of your due bills, and give you a pat on the back when you paid them all!

Adding Bills

All Your Money in One Place

So, after setting up your financial target, you will need some dedication to keep Money Lover a part of your daily life. That way, the app will be able to give you accurate monthly reports like which category you have spent on the most, or how much can you cut back on unnecessary expenses. And don’t worry about going to the report section, their charts are pretty cute and easy to read.

Money Lover Report

Final Thoughts on Money Lover App

Financial literacy is an essential life skill, but budgeting is not a one fixed rule that can be applied to the world. Managing your money should be customized to your own personal circumstances, which is the main point of Google Play Editor’s Choice App: Money Lover.

Unfortunately, the free version does limit your saving capabilities. Because at the end of the day, you want to control your spending, which can be difficult with just 1 budget, 1 wallet, or 1 bill. If you want a greater impact on your finances, the budget-friendly premium version will do the job, of course, with some commitment from your end as well.

All you have to do is customize your own financial plan that suits you. Then, Money Lover can actually help you stick to it. On the long run, you will see more savings, less irrelevant spending, and a comfortable living.

Now, choosing the most suitable money managing app is something that each person should figure out on their own. The more you search for apps, the more you realize they are all similar in a way, with some graphics and subscription differences. It all comes to down to what’s your objective and the price you’re willing to pay.

You can download the Money Lover app on Android or iOS.

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