Manage your Finances with Spendee – App Review7 min read

Calling out all the impulsive spenders out there looking for an easy-to-use app to manage their expenses. The Spendee app claims it is “the only app that will get your money into shape”.

What is the Spendee App?

The Spendee app is not just a tracking app for your cashflow; it is a stress-free managing tool for all your finances. Just because money management is critical, doesn’t mean it has to be complex.

In simple words. Spendee will let you:

  • Track where your money is coming and going
  • Understand your habits to make smarter decisions
  • Create budgets and compare your spending

Is the Spendee App Free?

Spendee is free to download and gives you the flexibility to choose from 3 plans:

Detailed Overview
Secured Data
No. of Wallets & BudgetsOneUnlimitedUnlimited
Share Wallets with Others
Bank Account Sync
Automatic Categorization

Pretty affordable for an app that will help you save more on the long run. But if you are still hesitant, you can try out the plus or premium version using the free 7-days trial.

How does the Spendee App works?

Start adding your daily transactions

Add your income or expense, choose a suitable category, and label the transaction for future detailed tracking.

You can use Spendee’s fixed categories and labels or create your own.

Expenses and Income Categories

Put in a photo of your transaction to spice up your timeline and a recurrence if applicable such as every day, week or month.

Set a budget for categories

Now basic users get one category to budget, so I advise choosing the category you try but fail to control.

Let’s say you’re a shopaholic who ends up with more shoes than cash in your pocket every month. That is Spendee’s que for an intervention! Create a certain budget for the “shopping” category and make sure to record everything you spend. Spendee will tell you how much you spent, and accordingly how much you can spend until end of the month. If you are reaching the limit, the app will directly alert you to stop spending! This way, you will have to think twice before buying that pair of jeans.

Budget Tracking and Alerts

Check your spending overview

Are you wasting your money on your wants and running short on your needs? The spending overview will detail proportions of your expenses according to categories and labels, where you can also compare your transactions on a weekly or monthly basis and start prioritizing your finances.

Even though the basic functions and features are pretty ideal for simple budgeting, the plus and premium versions can definitely give you more control.  

Spendee Plus and Spendee Premium

Spendee Plus is great for families and friends who share responsibilities. Some people may consider it as a ‘nosey approach’ to track your partners or friends spending, while many will see it as an efficient way to save money together!

Are you planning a birthday party on a budget? Do you want to keep track of your Christmas gifts spending? Well, the plus version got you covered with limitless number of wallets and budgets for all your events and occasions.

On the other hand, the premium version is a ‘plus’ for all the card holders who never carry cash. Along with the above features, you can sync in your bank accounts or e-wallets and have all your transactions recorded automatically.

(Check out the list of supported banks and e-wallets available in your country)

Doesn’t matter what plan you feel more comfortable with, as they all come with great tools.

Here’s What We Like About the Spendee App

Insightful Activity Feed

Spendee will give you recommendations on how to manage your money such as emergency fund calculations, managing debts, and how to use the 50-30-20 rule. On the long run, you will also get personalized calculations and predictions of your savings.

Activity Feed

Alerts & Reminders

You will never forget to pay the water or phone bill with Spendee. Just add your recurring or future due bills and choose when you want the app to remind you with it.

The app will also notify you whenever you’re reaching your budget’s limit in case you got a little carried away.  

Reminders and Alerts

Safe to Use

Using bank-level encryption, the Spendee app ensures the safety of all your personal and financial data. Spendee offers the same level of security as your bank, so you can rest assure that your personal information is protected.

You can also add a passcode for the app itself if you are sensitive about someone digging into your phone.

Not only does this level of security help put your thoughts at ease, but it is also essential for your safety.

Simple & User-Friendly

Spendee kept in mind that ‘simplicity is key’. So, you don’t have to complicate yourself with an excel sheet on your phone or high maintenance apps. With their radiant graphics, their charts are simple and super-easy to understand.

Multiple Currencies

For the travelers and nomads who are roaming around the world, you can still manage your money wherever you land. Spendee has all the currencies available for you.  

Final Thoughts

If you need help with keeping track of where your money is going, Spendee has the simple tools to do so.

I know it can be challenging to select a good budgeting app from the several ones available on Android and iOS.

But thanks to its budget-friendly and customizable features, the Spendee is an overall great app to having a clear image of your finances and ‘keeping your money in shape.’