Lendable Personal Loan2 min read

Lendable is a digital online lender in the UK which provides the online loan. To understands Lendable personal loans, we can assume that someone needs £15,000 for personal use. He applies with Lendable for Personal Loan for a repayment period of 5 years. As per the lendable loan calculator, He needs to pay £441 monthly for the period of 60 months, together with interest (which is 28.2% illustrative) and principal amount. And total that he would repay will be £26,460. But keep in mind this is just an illustrative rate and could be lower and higher depending on your financial conditions.

Lendable allows personal finance for the amount from £1,000 to £25,000. And APR charged by lendable on personal finance could vary from 6% minimum to 49.9% maximum. This bank allows loans to any UK resident with an age above 18 years.

APR rate charging mechanism in Lendable personal loan

 APR annual percentage rate and nominal interest rates are different things and you have to compare two banks’ APR to compare the cost of two banks. Because APR includes the impact of other related costs while the nominal interest rate shows only interest costs.

Lendable charging is ARP from the range of 6% to 49.9%. This means if a borrower applies for a personal loan he will be charged APR between this rang. And rate would depend on someone’s personal financial condition and repayment history. if one person is paying 8% APR on loan amount then it is possible another person is paying 15% on the same amount of loan this depends on someone’s personal credit rating and conditions. You can check the personal loan calculator of lendable personal finance here to see how it applies to you.

Key option

  1. Easy online application:  as this is an online personal finance facility it makes it easy to apply online. And this application is not a long process it takes only two minutes to apply for personal finance with lendable.
  2. Transfer money with 2 hours: Borrower will receive the loan within two hours after approval. After digital signing the contract lendable will transfer the money immediately based on hours not days.
  3. The fixed Interest rate makes cash flows planning easy for borrowers. Because fixed interest rates will give you all loans repayment amount at the start of the contract for easy budgeting

4.Borrower is in charge of the loan; this means the borrower can top up his loan if he needs further finance. Lendable provides a facility for overpayment of loans and repay early.

However, following factor, you have to review before applying with Lendable

•Annual percentage rate range 6% to 49.9% seems to be higher than personal finance offered by other banks. Because the maximum interest rate charged for personal finance usually does not goes more than 27.7% but here 49.9%.

•Lendable charge nonrefundable initial costs while the majority of other banks offer free so you have to consider this.

You can compare to this to personal finance offer by M&S bank for better understanding. please carefully read terms and conditions before apply for personal finance.