How to transfer and receive NFT from Opensea to Trust Wallet5 min read

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, where you can find all kinds of digital assets. In addition to digital goods, you can also get collectibles, luxury items, and digital representations of physical goods. OpenSea is like an online shopping mall (say something like Amazon) designed specifically for millions of NFTs in hundreds of categories.

On your first visit to OpenSea, you might be surprised and confused by choosing NFT. So, as a beginner, start looking for things you know, such as game assets, digital assets, and low-cost NFTs.

Considering the volume of NFT transactions, OpenSea ranks first. To overcome the high gas tax and low Ethereum transaction speed, you can use Polygon and Klaytn. On Rarible, it allows clients to connect their non-custodial wallets. This means that the platform is decentralized, and no third parties are involved in the transactions.

All of your NFTs are stored on the blockchain and will be displayed in your Rarible account for your convenience. You can track all your NFT transactions on the platform in just a few steps.

Whether you are an NFT creator, collector, or supporter, it is important to know how to transfer your NFT from one wallet to another. The need to transfer your NFTs may vary. This article looks at the four main steps to transfer your NFT from one wallet to another. The steps are easy to follow, and the transfer can be done without hassle.

How to transfer NFT

Follow the basic steps below to transfer your NFT to another wallet or ENS.

  1. First, enter the required wallet, from which you will transfer your NFT. It can be from OpenSea or Metamask; select NFT to transfer, then click submit.
  2. Enter the public wallet address to which you want to transfer the selected NFT.
  3. Then, you have to pay the transaction fee.
  4. Then, you can verify your transfer on

Here are the general instructions for transferring NFT from one wallet to another. The instructions may or may not be similar for your platform (Metamask, OpenSea, etc.) you are transferring NFTs from. However, the purpose of the transfer can be safely achieved. This article is mainly about the OpenSea platform. From there, we transfer our NFTs to the recipient’s wallet.

Step 1: Log in to your profile and select the NFT you wish to transfer

As an OpenSea user, log in to your account and choose the NFT you wish to transfer. In the upper right corner of your browser, you can find the transfer icon. Click on it to start the transfer.

Step 2: Enter the recipient’s wallet address or ENS

Once you have selected the NFT you want to transfer, you must enter the recipient’s wallet or ENS address. ENS – Domain Name System (DNS) Ethereum Name Service is designed for encryption and is used in Web 2.0. The wallet address starts with 0x and ends with .eth if it is ENS.

Step 3: Pay transaction fees

After verifying the recipient’s address, you must pay the transaction fee. It can cost between 50cents and $15.00 in commission to transfer your NFTs. You can choose slow or fast transactions. If you want to spend less on commission, choose a slow transaction. With a little more, you can continue with fast transactions. It varies only according to the transfer time and without compromising security.

Depending on your selection, the transaction speed may vary. So don’t be confused; it may take a few minutes to complete the transfer. You will receive a pop-up notification to confirm the transfer.

Step 4: Use Etherscan to verify the transfer

On, you can check whether the transfer is complete or not. You can also see it in the Activity tab of your wallet account. You will find all the recent activities there. Select the transaction required for verification, then select View on Etherscan. With this, you can find all transaction details with Ethereum Blockchain Explorer.

If the status is green, the transaction has been completed successfully. It is good to always check the status of the transfer. With Etherscan, you can check the transfer status with a timestamp, fee, recipient address, or ETH value.

Instructions for transferring your NFTs securely.

In general, your NFT transfer will go smoothly. There are also some considerations or guidelines you should keep in mind to get the safest transfer possible.

Be sure to follow the instructions below:

  • Check the address of the recipient you are sending: You should always check that you have entered the correct address to which you want to transfer NFT. If you forwarded it to the wrong address, there is no way to get your NFT back. This is only possible if the recipient resends your NFT.
  • Do not distribute your wallet seed phrase: If you give your wallet opening phrase to someone, they can easily access your wallet. Never give out the seed phrase or any other information about your portfolio. 
  • If you don’t get paid, don’t send NFTs: If you are expecting payment in exchange for sending an NFT to other users, this is a good way to receive payment from your wallet before the transfer. Always check the currency type and payment amount received in your wallet before transferring the non-fungible token to others.
  • Use the Fast Transaction option when sending an NFT: It is recommended to choose the Quick Transaction option, which requires a slightly slower transaction value. However, the transaction will be successful in either option. Choose the fast transaction option for better and faster results and confirmations.


Transferring your hard-earned NFT from one wallet to another should be done with care. If an error occurs, it will cause you a great loss. The transfer can occur if you want to send your NFT to your friends or clients if you want to transfer from one wallet to another. The reasons may vary, but the goal is a safe transfer. We have mentioned the four steps to transfer and check the status of your NFT transfer to another wallet. In addition, we have mentioned the security rules to follow to protect your wallet and the NFTs you hold.