How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon3 min read

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is known for its technological innovation and ridiculously great deals. It’s giving the like of Aldi and Asda their run for their money.

This online retailer is slowly becoming or has become a one-stop-shop destination for shoppers. It offers a multitude of products, from fresh groceries to pet supplies, digital music to automotive, and so much much. It offers everything under the sun.

It also offers free grocery deliveries to customers in London and surrounding areas within an hour or two. But this is only available to Amazon Prime members.

Amazon has also been developing a drone delivery service, dubbed Amazon Prime Air. Of course, this could be a true game-changer not only for delivery services but also for climate change.

Beyond tens of thousands of items and fast delivery services, you can get the best deals and discounts on Amazon and save tons of money. Finding those killers deals, however, can be challenging. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to help you get started.

Amazon Prime

This is really a no brainer. If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you should join Amazon Prime. It’s a paid subscription, but you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial and explore plenty of deals and savings.

The annual membership cost is usually £79. But if you’re a student, you get a free trial for six months, then pay half the amount when the trial ends.

What’s more, Amazon allows you to share your Prime account with not more than four people in your household.

Amazon Prime membership gives you access to entertainment services such as Prime Video, Music, E-books, and Kindle First Selection. Free two-day shipping is another benefit that comes with Amazon Prime.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime is access to the exclusive sale event that is held annually around July. The event features huge deals on nearly everything from 4K TVs to kitchen appliances.

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse is yet another great way of getting the best deals and discounts on Amazon. This is a hidden gem many shoppers are not aware of. This hub deals with refurbished, returned, and warehouse-damaged items.

While the products are listed by quality, most of them are actually in great condition. You can find quality used items at very low prices.

Amazon Outlet

This is similar to Amazon Warehouse but deals with overstocks, markdowns, clearance items, and more. You can get the cheapest deals in this section – some can save you up to 70 percent!

If you’re not looking for anything in particular, Amazon Outlet is a great place to start.

Today’s Deals

Amazon offers daily deals that usually last for 24 hours. Check out the ‘Today’s deals‘ section located at the top of most Amazon pages. If you have a Prime account, you can get exclusive early deals, which can be a huge money saver.

Amazon Coupons

Before paying the actual price for a product, it pays to check out Amazon Coupons. You might end up saving a few dollars.

Other ways of getting the best deals on Amazon include;

  • Amazon Family Hub ( available for Prime members only)
  • Finding promo codes
  • Subscribe and save program
  • Amazon Best Sellers for gifts
  • Amazon store card
  • Track and compare prices