How to connect Trust Wallet to OpenSea8 min read

Ethereum was created in 2015, but Ethereum’s growing popularity is due to NFTs becoming popular in the social world. You can tell by looking at Ethereum’s gas price history, a few dollars just 5 years ago. As more and more people buy and search for NFTs, sites like OpenSea are becoming increasingly popular. But before moving on to NFT, we will need a reliable wallet to explore this world.

To use OpenSea, you must also log in to Trust Wallet on your OpenSea account. This article has everything you need to know if you are looking for information. We’ll walk you through both services if you’re a beginner. It is important to be careful before entering the world of cryptocurrencies because it is all about money.

How to connect Trust Wallet to OpenSea

What is the open sea?

A decentralized NFT marketplace called OpenSea is the first of its kind. When Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer thought the world was ready for an NFT marketplace, they launched it in January 2018. When NFTs grew in popularity and prominence in 2021, the marketplace wasn’t a household name.

You can find many NFTs on OpenSea, including images, digital art, domain names, music, business cards, etc.

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet, such as Trust Wallet, to buy, sell, or trade NFTs on OpenSea. In OpenSea, Ethereum is the main currency, but other currencies can be used. You don’t even have to trust the other person to buy or sell on OpenSea. NFT is yours if you pay.

When you sell your NFT to OpenSea, you will receive Ethereum and vice versa, thanks to the “Wyvern Protocol,” a set of smart contracts that help you trade and exchange assets without the intervention of a centralized authority. Moreover, these important transactions have been thoroughly tested and proven secure using this method.

What is TrustWallet?

Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet company for Ethereum and ERC20/ERC223 tokens. It offers a fully vetted security system that makes it easy to store cryptocurrency. Trusted apps designed for iOS and Android provide the best possible experience and ease of use.

The Ethereum-centric trust wallet accepts ETH-based tokens. Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies can be easily bought and stored. You can start buying NFT after connecting Trust Wallet to OpenSea.

There are also reliable wallet alternatives, such as Metamask and coin base wallet. If you are interested in other wallets, check out our guides on Connecting MetaMask to Opensea and Connecting Coinbase Wallet to Opensea.

How to connect Trust Wallet to OpenSea on iPhone and Android

The adoption rate of Trust Wallet and OpenSea has increased exponentially. Both Trust Wallet and OpenSea are readily available on Android and iPhone.

Let’s go step by step to connect Trust Wallet to OpenSea on Android and iPhone.

Create a Trust Wallet account with iPhone and Android

First, let’s work on setting up Trust Wallet. If you already have an existing wallet with an account set up, you can continue to log in to OpenSea. Otherwise, follow a few steps to set up the Trust Wallet app.

1. Download the Trust Wallet app.

For Android on PlayStore – search for Trust Wallet on PlayStore.

For iPhone in the AppStore – search for Trust Wallet in the AppStore.

Trust Wallet

2. If you don’t have an account on Trust Wallet, click on “Create a new wallet.”

Trust Wallet

3. Click “Continue.”

Trust Wallet

4. You will be asked to backup your Trust Wallet. Click Continue.


5. Now Trust Wallet will give you the “Secret Phrase” copy it somewhere because, in the next step, you will have to re-enter the same “Secret Phase” in the correct word order.

This step is also important for logging into a browser or app, so keep it safe. Anyone with this step can access your wallet.

6. Enter the “Secret Recovery Phase” again in exact order from one to twelve; if you make a mistake in the order, the phase will be wrong.

7. You have successfully logged into the Trust Wallet app on Android or iPhone.

It is very important to keep your security and password secure, and you will need to log in to both again.

How to Connect TrustWallet to OpenSea on iPhone and Android

Before continuing with OpenSea, make sure you have the TrustWallet app on your phone and have created an account. If not, check the previous steps.

You can log into the OpenSea app with Trust Wallet, but the OpenSea app does not offer the option to purchase NFT. You can browse and filter NFTs only in the OpenSea app. We will therefore connect our Trust Wallet application to the OpenSea site.

1. Go to the OpenSea site. Click the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Opensea and TrustWallet

2. Click “Connect Wallet.”

3. Click “Connect Wallet” to connect to wallets on your mobile device.

4. Click “Connect” and choose “TrustWallet” from the options.

5. In your Trustwallet, approve the OpenSea connection by clicking “Connect.”

Trust Wallet

6. Connect to OpenSea and Trust Wallet.

7. Return to the OpenSea site, and VOILA! You have successfully connected Trust Wallet to OpenSea on your iPhone or Android mobile.


How to buy an NFT on OpenSea with TrustWallet

OpenSea will allow you to browse the market when you log into Trust Wallet. Thanks to OpenSea, NFTs can be classified into several groups. If you have a small budget, you can also search by price. The steps to buying NFT are as follows:

1. In OpenSea, you can start by clicking on the “Buy” button.

2. Try to find something you like.

3. You can bid on NFT.

4. You will now be asked to approve the transaction on your Trustwallet.

The confirmation message will appear in the Trust Wallet. As with other purchases, you will notice the costs associated with the gas fee.

To keep the Ethereum network running, you must pay a “gas fee” (also known as “gas charges”). Before making a payment, you will often indicate the cost of the transaction with Ethereum in gas fees. You will have to wait some time after accepting the purchase before you can verify the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

By clicking on the Etherscan link provided by Trust Wallet, you will be directed to the blockchain where the transaction was processed.

Your new NFT will appear in your OpenSea and Trust Wallet profile shortly after completing the transaction. Also, you can transfer your NFTs from Opensea to Trust Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t OpenSea connect to the Trust Wallet?

You may be rejected if you try to connect to the Trust Wallet via OpenSea. This can lead to incorrect data entry. Please verify that all of your information is valid before proceeding to the following options:

1. Your browser must be closed.

2. Clear cache.

3. Turn on the device and connect to the Internet.

If the problem is limited to the network, following these steps may be enough to correct the problem. Contact customer service if you don’t get the answer you’re looking for.

Does OpenSea have an app?

For iOS and Android, OpenSea has apps. The software does not allow the purchase of NFTs; you can only see them. You need to log in to your computer account first before purchasing NFT. Since Apple and Google support a percentage of all software purchases made through their app stores, this could be a factor. Also, it is not possible to use Ethereum on any platform.