How to Connect Metamask to Opensea5 min read

The constant growth in cryptocurrencies has brought different levels of innovations. The more interest in the industry, the more development one finds. The crypto industry is enjoying major improvements daily from diverse tokens to exchange platforms. Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are playing major roles in pushing Ethereum to the limelight. To mint, buy or sell NFTs, you need to create an Ethereum based wallet like Metamask. It is possible to connect a Metamask wallet to Opensea, one of the world’s leading NFTs marketplace. This article will find out what a Metamask wallet is, an Opensea account, and how you can connect both.

What is MetaMask and How Does it Work?

Think of a place you could get everything you need to help manage your crypto journey, then MetaMask is the place. MetaMask is an Ethereum-based crypto wallet that helps you send, buy and store a wide variety of tokens without any complication. We believe that overall, it provides a smooth experience while transacting. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, MetaMask is an essential tool for you.

To use Metamask, you need to first download the MetaMask app either on your browser or mobile device and then register by inputting the required details. When you register on Metamask, it will generate a secret recovery phrase for you. Write your secret phrase down to avoid forgetting because you need this secret recovery phase to complete withdrawals. Note here that you cannot take a screenshot of your secret phrase for security purposes so ensure that you write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Then you proceed to fund your MetaMask wallet with Ethereum.

What is Opensea and How Does Opensea Work?

Opensea home

OpenSea is the world’s biggest and first NFTs marketplace. It was founded in 2017 and built on the Ethereum Blockchain. OpenSea has the backing of many venture capitalists and major firms. Venture capitalists such as 3LAU, Tim Ferris, and Mark Cuban are major shareholders. Currently, NFTs are fundamental objects of value. More persons are creating tokens. An NFT can be anything digital. An NFT cannot be altered, and each item is unique.

How Can I Connect Metamask to Opensea?

For you to mint, buy and sell NFTs, you need an Ethereum based wallet like Metamask. This crypto wallet conducts transactions without glitches. A crypto wallet helps hold the cryptocurrency you will use to trade on marketplaces. There are different digital wallets for different marketplaces. MetaMask works well with OpenSea, and it is easy to set up and connect.

Connecting my MetaMask Wallet to my OpenSea Account

Meta and Opensea connect

Step 1:

First, you need to download Metamask on your device( this wallet is available for android and iOS users). When you download the wallet, you will be required to create a new password.

After creating your password, you will be given a secret recovery phrase. This phrase is usually made up of twelve words. You should write these words down, so you do not forget them. If you do not have this phrase, you will lose your wallet.

When you’ve been given the phrase, you are required to rearrange it in the correct order. Once you are done rearranging, confirm you know the phrase and your account is ready to use.

Go ahead to click on “All done”. You see what you have done, and you can click on ” View account”. Here you can see everything on your account, including the wallet address.

Step 2:


Now that you’ve set up your Metamask wallet, you need to create an OpenSea account to link to your crypto wallet.

Go to and click on the profile icon. It will open a menu on which you’ll see the “My Account” option.

Once you create an account on Opensea, you will be asked to connect your Metamask wallet as this is the best way to trade on the biggest NFT marketplace.

You will sign in, and Opensea will create an unnamed account on which you can change the username, add any contact info, and upload a profile picture.

After connecting your account, you can create a collection on Opensea. You can fill in the name of your collection and a description. The description shouldn’t be more than 1000 characters long.

Include the percentage of royalties you will receive on sales of your items. The maximum percentage you can add is 10%.

At the blockchain section, select polygon. This will prevent you from paying the usual gas fee when you list your NFTs.


NFTs are currently treasure troves that only the smartest people can enjoy. There are different marketplaces available to mint, sell or buy NFTs. Opensea remains one of the best of such platforms. Anyone hoping to create wealth from digital tokens will find Opensea to be a very efficient arena. You need a crypto wallet to carry out transactions, and Metamask is a very good fit for Opensea.