How To Buy Land In The Sandbox Metaverse?9 min read

The crypto world grew exponentially during the pandemic. First, it was the growth in cryptocurrency investments. Then, it was the hype around NFTs, and now, it’s the metaverse. If you told me 10 years ago that people will spend millions on an in-game piece of land, I would’ve asked you for the Sims cheat code they’re using. Buying virtual land for hundreds of thousands of dollars would’ve been considered irrational ten years ago. However, today it might be the best investment move you’ve considered. If you’re interested in buying LAND in Sandbox, this article will be your guide.

What Is The Sandbox Metaverse?

The Sandbox Metaverse is a virtual reality game you can download on your mobile. Unlike other gaming platforms, Sandbox is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a user-generated content platform, which means users are free to create and share the content they desire without third-party authorization.

Creators of Sandbox launched the platform in 2011 to allow gamers to earn a capitalistic advantage over the gaming industry. This allows the game’s content creators to monetize their in-game assets as virtual reality NFTs. The Sandbox metaverse uses its native token SAND as the primary currency that determines the value of the game’s assets. In other words, Sandbox is a virtual reality game but with real economic value.

How To Buy LAND In Sandbox?

Buying LAND in Sandbox is amongst the different ways you can invest in the metaverse. Besides, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy the monetized gaming experience. If you’re interested in buying LAND using the platform itself, you’re gonna have to keep an eye open for any announcements regarding the next public LAND sale. Once the dates are released, you can easily buy land in the Sandbox metaverse if you follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Create an account on the Sandbox metaverse.
  2. Buy SAND and ETH.
  3. Transfer SAND and ETH to your crypto wallet.
  4. Buy LAND on the Sandbox map.

Step 1: Create an account

To create an account on the Sandbox metaverse, head over to the Sandbox browser on your desktop. Then click on the “Sign in” button at the top right corner.

how to buy land on sandbox
Sandbox Login

You’ll be asked to create an account using either a crypto wallet, an email, or a social media account. I already have a Metmask wallet set up, so it’s what I’ll be using for this demonstration. However, you can choose to sign in with a different crypto wallet, also supported by Sandbox.

how to buy land on sandbox

Afterward, I was asked to connect my wallet to the Sandbox metaverse.

how to buy land on sandbox

Then, the platform asked me to enter an email address and a unique username that’ll be visible to other players.

how to buy land on sandbox

To verify my identity, I was asked to sign a signature request.

how to buy land on sandbox

In the last step, I was asked to enter and confirm a safe password of my choosing. And this is where my Sandbox metaverse journey begins.

how to buy land on sandbox

Step 2: Buy SAND and ETH

To buy LAND in the Sandbox metaverse, we will first have to buy ETH and SAND cryptocurrencies. You’re gonna need ETH in your wallet since most LAND biddings only accept ETH tokens. Meanwhile, SAND tokens will be used for in-game participation and the purchase of LAND. Binance would be most suitable, for this step, for its wide selection of cryptocurrencies and its geographic availability. However, choosing one of the other top 5 crypto exchanges would also be appropriate so long it supports SAND.

First, head to the Binance browser on your desktop to log in to your account. Then click on the “Buy Crypto” button at the top left corner.

how to buy SAND on binance

Choose your preferred payment method and currency.

how to buy SAND on binance

Enter the amount of FIAT currency that you want to be funded into your account. Then select the crypto coin you want to purchase. However, since we can’t directly buy SAND, we’ll first have to buy BNB, BTC, or USDT.

how to buy SAND on binance

Return to the homepage and click on the “Trade” button. When the button-down menu drops, select the “Classic” option.

how to buy SAND on binance

Lastly, choose the pairing relevant to your crypto holdings and make the purchase.

how to buy SAND on binance

Step 3: Transfer SAND and ETH to crypto wallet

Once you’ve made your crypto purchase, you’ll need to transfer your SAND tokens to the wallet connected to the Sandbox metaverse. For this step, I’ll need to withdraw my funds from Binance and transfer them to my Metamask wallet. Therefore, we’re gonna head back to the Sandbox platform and click on my profile.

How to buy LAND on Sandbox

Next, we’re gonna copy the wallet address presented to use as our withdrawal address.

How to buy LAND on Sandbox

Then, we’re gonna paste this address to the crypto exchange we used to withdraw our funds and transfer them to the wallet’s address. And now, we’re close to the finishing line!

For a better demonstration of the last two steps, the video below visually explains the process of buying and transferring your cryptocurrencies.

Step 4: Buy LAND on the Sandbox Map

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you need to wait for any announcement regarding the next public land sale to buy LAND using the Sandbox platform itself. Once dates are released, you can head over to the Sandbox map browser to buy your first piece of land. Although, you have to remember to be quick as most LAND sales sell out quickly.

How to buy Sandbox LAND on OpenSea?

An alternative way to purchase LAND in the Sandbox metaverse is using the most popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea. You can visit the Sandbox homepage and click on the “Buy LAND” button.

Buy Sandbox LAND on OpenSea

You’ll be taken to the OpenSea marketplace, where you can browse over the Sandbox LAND tokens.

Buy Sandbox LAND on OpenSea

Choose the LAND token you’d like to purchase, and click on the “Buy Now” button.

Buy Sandbox LAND on OpenSea

Last but not least, make sure there are enough funds in your wallet to purchase the LAND token, along with its associated gas fees.

Final Thoughts

Besides Sandbox, there are different metaverse platforms that you can also check out. However, keep in mind the crypto world is a highly fluctuating marketplace. Therefore, it’s best to conduct your own research before carrying out any investments.