How to Backup Wallet Trust?7 min read

Trust Wallet is popular cryptocurrency storage, transaction, and management application and offers many features. Therefore, it is important to know how to safeguard your trust wallet and, therefore, your digital assets.

The app provides a reset phrase that can be used to restore access to the trusted wallet. The recovery phrase is a private key that acts like a PIN used to log into your account. This recovery phrase will allow you to recover your Trust Wallet.

There are several reasons why you might need this recovery phrase, such as when your phone is broken, your account is locked, your memory card is damaged, etc. Then you can use the base expression to retrieve your wallet.

How does Trust Wallet work?

Trust Wallet allows users to trade and manage cryptocurrencies. Users can also use it to explore the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT, or to play blockchain games using the built-in DApp browser. With the app, you can access over 100 blockchains and manage over 160 digital assets.

Therefore, Trust Wallet is a software or mobile application that stores the private keys of your cryptocurrencies.

Your trust wallet maintains all transaction records using two keys: a public key and a private key. Your public key is an address you provide to others for crypto transactions, like your bank account number.

A private key is like the transaction code that gives you your wallet ownership. An associated public key is sent to others to receive cryptocurrencies for each digital asset stored in the wallet. And each asset is also associated with a private key needed to sign transactions.

What is a Recovery Phrase?

Trust Wallet encrypts all digital asset private keys to create a master private key for ease of use. It then goes through an algorithm to generate a unique 12-word phrase. This phrase is known as the recovery phrase or seed phrase.

When you sign up for Trust Wallet, you are assigned a wallet. You should back up your wallet immediately with the recovery phrase.

Your 12-word opening phrase is extremely crucial for the security of your trust wallet. If your device is lost due to damage or theft, you can use it to restore access to digital assets in your wallet.

How can I see my 12-word recovery phrase?

When you sign up for the Trust Wallet and create your wallet, you will immediately receive a 12-word recovery phrase. It comes with instructions to write it down and save it.

To ensure that you have followed the instructions correctly, the application asks you to prove that you know the recovery phrase.

If you did not save a copy of the recovery sentence, get a copy as soon as possible. The steps to display the recovery phrase are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the Trust Wallet app
Trust Wallet
  • Step 2: Go to settings.
Trust wallet settings
  • Next Step: Find “Wallets” in the settings menu. It will show you all the wallets you currently have.
  • Step 4: Find the wallet you want to back up from the list and click on the “i” symbol in front of it. This will open the settings screen for that wallet.
Trust wallet manage
  • Next Step: Tap “Show Recovery Phrase.” Your recovery phrase is always encrypted on your device so that no one can access it.
  • Step 6: Check the “I understand the risks” box.
  • Step 7: Click “Continue.”
  • Lastly: Copy or backup the recovery phrase.

How can I test my recovery phrase?

You can verify the recovery phrase while you are in the recovery phase screen.

  • Click “Continue” to verify that you have correctly recorded the words. It will ask you to decipher the words.
Trust wallet Recovery
  • Arranging the words in the wrong order will lead to an error. So put the words in the right order.
  • When finished, click “Continue.”

Where do I back up my 12-word recovery phrase?

Your recovery phrase is essential for restoring access to your entire wallet if your device is lost or damaged. Therefore, you must ensure that your private keys are secure.

Best practices for backing up your recovery phrase are:

  • Write the recovery phrase on a sheet of paper and keep them in a safe place. 
  • Save the recovery phrase in a password manager. It will be stored in an encrypted database, either locally on the user’s device or remotely on an online cloud service.
  • You can use note-taking applications available on your devices, such as Notes on iOS or Samsung Notes on Android. OneNote also lets you password protect your notes.

Backup your backup

Be sure to store the recovery phrase in multiple places and store each in different locations. An accident may cause you to lose one, but you will have others with you. So make sure you have multiple backups of your backup.

How to recover my wallet using the 12-word seed phrase

If you have your own recovery phrase

If you can’t access your wallet, you can restore access using the 12-word recovery phrase. Now, all you have to do is download and install the Trust Wallet app on your new device and use the option to recover your wallet instead of creating a new one.

The steps to recover your wallet are as follows:

  • Step 1: Download and install the app.
  • Step 2: Launch it and select “I already have a wallet.”
  • Next Step: Select the type of wallet you originally used (multi-currency wallet or Ethereum).
  • Last Step: Enter the recovery phrase and click import.

What if I don’t have a recovery phase?

Trust Wallet does not have access to your wallet or recovery phrase. So if you don’t have a 12-word recovery phrase, unfortunately, you cannot recover your wallet. You will lose your wallet and all funds stored in your wallet. Therefore, it is recommended to have backup copies of the recovery phrase.

I lost my seed phrase; what can I do?

Trust Wallet does not have access to your wallet or recovery phrase. Therefore, it is recommended to have several backup copies and keep them in a safe place. If you lose all, Trust Wallet will not be able to help you, and you will lose all your assets.

Can I use Trust Wallet on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Trust Wallet on multiple devices with the same credentials. Simply import the recovery phrase to the new device you are using and log in to your account and the new device.


Trust Wallet is perhaps one of the most popular and secure cryptocurrency wallets available. It is a high-tech application that can be used to manage encryption and explore many other features available in the application.

The app is super safe and secure for storing cryptocurrencies. Now, the backup process is a bit complicated, but again, it is essential for the safety of your digital assets. You are your own bank and responsible for your assets in the crypto world.

Therefore, you also need to make sure that you can restore access to the app at any time if you lose it.

So, store your recovery phrase in multiple places and keep it safe.