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Summertime Saga is undoubtedly one of the most famous, visual novels, and role-playing games but if you have played the Summertime Saga again and again and you are looking for games that will give you a similar experience, then you have landed on the page you were looking for.

We have compiled 12 games in this list that are similar to Summertime Saga and will give you a similar experience.

1. Always Remember ME:

“Always remember me” is the first game on our list that is similar to the Summertime saga and will give you a similar experience as it is a good combination of friendship stimulation, anime characters, and a visual novel.

The main character is Amy, a young girl who works at an ice-cream shop and spends time with her friend Aaron. Due to a car accident, her friend Aaron no more remembers her and now Amy either has to do something and make Aaron remember her or continue her relationship by finding a new friend.

2. Momoiro Closet:

Momoiro Closet is a visual novel that tells the story of a romantic relationship between an ordinary boy and a president of the student council.

It will take you to different places based on the choices you make, as it is a choice-based game. Because it is love focused game, it will give you a very similar experience as The Summertime Saga.

A major disadvantage is that this game is paid and you have to buy it from Steam

3. Waifu Academy

This game is very similar to the Summertime Saga as the plot of both the games is quite similar. The adventure takes place at a fictional school known as Sazaki Academy.

When one of its students learns of his father’s death, he decides to find out the truth. His voyage, however, is not without its difficulties; it is full of upsetting times, problems to solve, and obstacles to conquer.

Its 3D graphics and over 30 characters have been greatly appreciated by the players.

4. The House Party

If you were looking for a PC game similar to the Summertime saga then your search ends here, as the house party is an interactive first-person choice-based 3D game that will give you multiple possible endings based on the choices you make.

5.Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

This game has similar gameplay but the storyline is completely different. The Music of Winter is a single-player simulation game in which you take on the role of teenage musician Jason. He shares a home with her stepmother and three stepsisters. Jason, who has been tortured by her mother, is a gifted musician who can use music to do magic. Jason is stranded with his family for five days due to a snowstorm. This is where the story begins, and you can unlock multiple endings based on your choices. There are four main characters in total.

6. Coming Out On Top

IF you are gay and are looking for a game similar to the Summertime Saga coming out on top will be the best choice for you.  It’s a purely male-dominated game with plenty of male interactions and viewpoints.

The plot is particularly interesting because it covers all parts of a man’s life and depicts the difficulties that all men face. The main character’s name is Mark Matthews, and he has come a long way in finding meaning in his life.


It’s a dramatic game with a tragic and intriguing storyline that has millions of fans, the majority of whom are female. When the main character’s mother losses her custody case the game begins. As the father considers the main character a burden because she is a girl, he treats her very badly and poorly. but somehow, her mother rescues her and she returns to her mother but in the time, she was not with her mothers’ family her sisters had become awesome and attractive due to which she feels inferior.

It is an interactive game and now, she has to make decisions that will decide her future.

8.  Dreaming of Dana

Dreaming of Dana has different gameplay when compared to the Summertimes Saga but the theme and plot are quite similar. In this game, you are given the role of a rich father’s spoiled kid. In the game, the main character joins his Family business and during office hours you meet a girl, Dana. The main character continuously thinks about Dana and how to impress her and every time before meeting Dana, you are given choices of what to do, so, the game will completely depend upon the choices you make. The game also provides some mini-games which will help you to move to the next level.

9. Man of The House

If you are a Summertime Saga lover, then a man of the house may be another best alternative for you. If you were searching for continuous fun entertainment, then Man of the house may be another choice you should make. In this game, you live in a house with three attractive and gorgeous women and your choices make alternate results. With the 3500 images and hundreds of animated scenes, the game will provide you with 30-40 hours of gameplay along with a hint system and mini-games.

10. Melody

Melody is another game like Summertime Saga in which you play as a musician, like in Snow Daze: The Music of Winter but the storyline is completely different. In melody, you play as a musician who is trying to find some love and a relationship after a breakup. You have to connect with all the people around you and make different choices that will bring different outcomes.

11. A Town Uncovered

This game is another interactive game similar to Summertime Saga. In this game, you play the character of a high-school student, who has just moved to a new town. You take the challenges like discovering new places in the town, mixing with the city, meeting new people, and mixing with your neighbors. You can make different choices that will bring different outcomes.  

12. My Sweet Neighbors

Our last game on this list is My Sweet Neighbors which will surely give you a similar experience as the Summertime Saga. In the story, you play a man who is in his late 30’s and has relocated to a new apartment. The new neighbors are good-looking women and the girl-next-door is the most lovable woman you have ever seen in your life. The only thing you know about her is that she has an18 years old beautiful daughter, whom you met at the starting of the game. Now, you have to be a gentleman, which could win you her mother’s heart or you can win both the ladies.


Above mentioned all the games will give you a similar experience as  Summertime Saga, some are similar storyline-wise while some are similar gameplay-wise and some are similar to the Summertime saga completely. If you are tired of playing the Summertime saga again and again but you still want the same experience then you can try the above games and when you are tired of one of the above, try another one from the list.

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