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Role-Playing Games are interesting when it comes to versatility. As a player, you get to decide what kind of life you are going to continue within the game. Stardew Valley is also one of those games in which you get to decide your life as a player in the game. It is an amazing game that connects you to natural life and what kind of a natural habitat you would like to live in.

But, if you have been playing Stardew Valley for a long time and wondering if another game is similar to Stardew Valley, then this article is for you. Because, in Stardew Valley there can be some options that you may not find very suitable or you might want to change, to see how that would look. This can surely be possible but in a different game.

So, we have listed below 6 games that are not exactly like Stardew Valley but they have some sort of similar concepts and they also do have interesting kicks to them.

1. Voodoo Garden

Voodoo Garden is a Role-Playing Game in which you are the owner of a hut. This hut is present in a swamp. You can earn powers by supplying little spirits in the game with different things. You can also earn gold by the production of various supplies. In Voodoo Garden, you are growing different trees, shrubs, and herbs so that you can have different foods and mushrooms and many more things like that in return.

By harvesting all these things you can also feed and pet various animals from the products of these harvests. You can also make sacrifices for those animals in the name of little helper spirits. That is how your power will grow too. This is interesting in the sense that it can give you an idea of how a garden with spirits will look like.

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2. Farm Together

Farm Together is a game that is all about farming. In this game, you start with a tiny plot and you can turn this into a huge piece of land. You can grow different kinds of crops and trees. You can also keep different animals on the farm as well. With time, when you will have more money, you can buy more equipment for your farm. You can also build and you can also have different facilities and machines on your farm.

You can also stay on your farm as long as you want. One of the coolest features of this game is that even if you are not actively playing the game, time still passes in the game. So, when you come back the next day to play the game, there will be many things that you have to do on the farm. You can also customize your farm with a variety of options like fences, buildings, and decorations. You can also take your pet animal for a little walk too.

3. Staxel

Staxel is a game that is more than just farming. In this game, you are given a task; you have to revert your farm to its former state of glory which is not the condition right now. So, for this specific purpose, your fellow villagers will welcome you to the village.

They will help you out and then, you will help them later on. You will plant seeds and cultivate different crops. You will pet different animals and that is how you will expand your farm. Staxel can also be a multiplayer game, where you and your friends can help each other in growing the farms. It is also very customizable since you can have different surroundings and environments. All in all, you will have a different world.

4. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is about life in the town of Portia. You will have to revamp the neglected workshop of your Pa so that it can be returned to its previous state of glory. You can do that by doing different tasks and fulfilling commissions. There is an old handbook of your Pa too, which you can use in making sure that you are helping the workshop in becoming the number one workshop in the town of Persia. Besides building your workshop, you can also have your farm and grow different crops.

You can have various animals and you can just turn the abandoned woodland surrounding into a part of your farm. You can also become creative and apply different customizations to the land. You can customize by having different furniture inside your home as well as different decorations on your farm. You can also join the community of Portia and befriend them. You can also explore and battle together. You can go into the mines and start mining for different precious metals and materials. You can also scale up the level of your character by acquiring a variety of skills and doing different adventures.

5. Moonlighter

Moonlighter is an action role-playing game. You are living in the village of Rynoka. Like nature, two kinds of states; Day and Night are present in the game. During the day, you can do the shopkeeping. You can run the shop and do your business by selling different items and putting new items on sale. You will set their prices carefully and manage the reserves of gold as well. You can also upgrade your shop too.

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Then, you can meet the different villages of the village. They can also request you for different rare items and if you get them, they can also pay you with a special price. You can also grow the crops and interact with the villages in a way to craft new shielding equipment and weapons. In the moonlight, you become the hero which you dreamt of. You can visit other words and villages so that you can find valuable resources. You can acquire many more things when you fight. You can defeat the bosses of other worlds as well and you can develop your battling style. By defeating one boss, you may open the gates to another world and that goes on until you become the ultimate boss.

6. Sims 4

Sims 4 is a game that is exactly about creating own world. It is neither the game that is exactly like Stardew Valley nor a game in which you are just growing your characters in a village. But, it is much more than that. You can create different unique people which are called Sims in this game and you can personalize them. You can give them different distinct appearances and fill them with inspiring aspirations.

You can just create different fantasies with their friends and you can just do a lot of different customizations to them, like changing the clothes, changing their moods, and developing stories. You can also build a perfect home, right from designing and customizing with different layouts and furniture. You can travel between different locations and explore different worlds with the characters of this game. You can just find different inspirations from the people playing the game by joining the community of the players. It is a game that pushes your creativity to the next level.


Enjoy yourself by playing other games like Stardew Valley.

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