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Are you tired of playing Overwatch and looking for a game that will give you a similar experience as Overwatch? Are you one of those who loved playing Overmatch but you have played Overwatch too much and you now similar experience again? If yes, you are at your desired page, as we have compiled the top 10 games that have a similar experience as Overwatch.


It is a tactical shooter free-to-play game which is similar to “OverWatch”. Hi- Hi-Rez is behind the studio and  “Smite” and “Rogue Company,” most recently. Overwatch contains objective game variants and a choice of characters, each of whom has its distinct skills. “Paladins” takes matters a step further, which allows players to make each character their own with increases.

Paladins is the personal preference of several because of their fighting method, a game built by the authors of the notorious royal fight, Realm Royale. Overwatch and Paladins are both made of the same fabric and offer an experience blended with MOBA functionality.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: FREE

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2.Team Fortress 2

The basis for Overwatch was laid by Team Fortress 2, the successor to Team Fortress, the critically applauded predecessor. In the development of Overwatch Activision-Blizzard aims to fill the gap that Team Fortress created for the old class race of competing class shooters.

Both games have gameplay techniques and characteristics that are a key element of the genre. A TF2 sniper is comparable to OW’s Hanzo, and TF2’s Scout is virtually a spitting copy of OW’s Tracer. Team Fortress 2 has a strong player base, and any multiplayer game has ever been established as one of the best communities.

It focuses on team play and real-time communication to dominate the opponent team from everywhere. Every character and class in Team Fortress 2, similar to overwatch, has a different play style so that you can decide according to your taste.

If you want a game like Overwatch to have fun and invest some leisure hours in coordination and improvement, TF2 is a great game.

Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Price: FREE


Battleborn is another FPS, which looks very much like Overwatch on the surface and is sounding quite fantastic. Battleborn allows users to choose their characters from a broad and personalized list of offers. You can spend numerous hours checking your play style and not feeling burned out.

And what do you guess? In offline mode, you may also play the same game! While Overwatch is too MOBA-heavy, Battleborn is progressing every area and adding layers of value to gaming.

You will like what Battleborn brings to the table if you don’t care about the grind and would want to dig your teeth in that game.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $8


WarFrame is one of the games that give so much, it’s worth it! While Overwatch and Warframe are extremely similar in genres, when it comes to games they serve a distinct clientele. Here Overwatch’s cheerful and luminous color scheme is absent. The war frames sound design and atmosphere plunge you into darkness and destruction.

But, because of close communication and team play skills, one finds oneself in a familiar position in terms of gameplay. This FPS is twice as fun and exciting when you coordinate with others

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: FREE

5.Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution is set in a future cyberpunk environment with several customization and loadout choices. Your loadout will influence your gameplay, so take a while to plunge into the game.

You can only select on which side of the barrier. While it’s quite straightforward to change sides, the inconvenience is considerable. Blacklight: Retribution forces you before changing your styles to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game’s weapons.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: FREE

6.Rainbow Six: Siege

The rainbow franchise was not too long ago one-player-oriented. However, Ubisoft quickly took a different strategy on the newest installment of R6 and the game was all the better for him.

R6 is a game of 5v5 TDM styles for all ends of the spectrum with classes and characters. The game is about the destruction of the environment, which forces the terrain to be fresh, open new angles. Each character has a particular gadget and a specific weapon (such as an LMG turret or a shield etc.)

The need for collaboration and teamwork is absolute. The players are continuously required to work together and help the team to win, as in Overwatch.

Casual gamers require at least some help to fully grasp the characters and maps because this is an exceptionally steep learning curve for newcomers without any notion about the game.

When you take up the game, watch someone play the game for a bit before jumping into a game. After all, you’re here for pleasure, not to quit on the first day!

Platform: PC, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $14.99

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7. Destiny 2

If you instead want to test a new game, Destiny 2 is an obvious alternative. This game was released not only a few years ago but is also constantly being updated with new content and user activity.

Destiny 2 is a sequence of Destiny and is in a distant future, in which you, as one of the Guardians, must protect the Last City of the Earth against hostile aliens and others. That will not be a simple undertaking, but it helps greatly if you have access to formidable future weapons and supernatural capabilities.

There are three classes to play, each of which provides an altogether different experience that can be further personalized by selecting a subclass and loadout, which leads to nearly unlimited variations.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation4 ,Xbox One

Price: Free

8. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 offers full-fledged warfare, spread over some of the biggest PvP maps you ever will find in the genre. To support your forces, you get to drive tanks, aircraft, and ground transport vehicles.

The battleground is under control by three distinct forces and you will constantly find yourself painted as a target. Each match is nearly always based on almost 50 players, as each military attempts to win overall sites.

It isn’t too much like Overwatch in gameplaying fundamentals, but the choice of vehicle-fighting you may choose is fantastic.

Platform: PC, PS4

Price: FREE

9. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

If you’re in love with the cartoon topic of Overwatch and fighting, which doesn’t take itself too seriously, Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 should be right in the proper direction.

The game delivers everything an arena shooter may want, and it’s a lot of fun overall. You have to wonder at this point, what more can a game have if you launch literal bullets of corn on your enemy?

You can choose from the side you wish to join in Garden Warfare 2 — brains or grains. Each army is supplied with its distinctive soldiers and every soldier has a certain skill to support you during the harvest. If you love over the top, combined with a light-hearted shoot then this game should be your next favorite.

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Price: $30

10. Block N Load

The game is like the edition of Fortnite — TDM. This game is ideal for casual players with superb map design and a lot of the desired mood.

Block N Load is balanced in all aspects—which is difficult to do by a lot of shooters. All classes and characters possess strengths and weaknesses for or against them.

Offense or defense – you always have ways against each other, whatever you pick. Each person also has a specific skill which is quite practical in the team fights and at times gives the overwatch atmosphere. Load up the block n’!

Platform: PC

Price: FREE

By playing above mentioned games you will get a similar experience as Overwatch and you will enjoy all the games. Share our article with your friends who love Overwatch and let them know about all the similar games.

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