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In a never-ending 2D universe, Factorio is a game about designing and building automated factories to generate increasingly complicated things. It allows players to use their creativity to create complex factories that prioritize automation and efficiency. Read more about Games like Factorio below.

The game’s unique blend of base-building, strategy, and survival game principles makes for a satisfying and addicting experience that’s difficult to put down.

In the following, we have made a list of the best games like Factorio which you’d love to play

1. Vectorio – Early Access

Vectorio is a simple survival base-building game in which the goal is to claim resources found around the globe and use them to develop more formidable weapons and technology.

 In this game, you use your new technology to destroy all six guardians and put a halt to the invasion of enemy shapes. You can enjoy playing vectorio just like factorio.

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2. Automation Empire

This game is always evolving, and it has some pretty intriguing concepts. Though it has far too many ideas in common with Factorio to provide you a unique experience, it should suffice to scratch the itch if you’re searching for something that checks most of the same boxes.

This is a fun game that allows you to move as many trucks, drones, and other vehicles around as possible while making deliveries. The goal of the game is to automate everything.

3. Minecraft

This open-world sandbox game immerses the player in a randomly generated environment, complete with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. There they can explore massive mountains and unfathomable ravines, dungeons, and settlements. Minecraft allows you to build massive fortresses, little settlements, magnificent armories, and even massive fields.

When playing Minecraft, rationality is largely ignored in favor of creativity and gameplay. Minecraft, as the name implies, takes you on a journey through the world’s tunnels and caverns, where you’ll be able to mine and acquire a variety of minerals, including gold and diamonds. You can utilize the resources to make stuff and decorate your world, or you can use them to increase your battle abilities.

4. RimWorld

RimWorld is a science fiction-based game that follows three survivors of a space liner catastrophe as they set out to build a camp on a fantasy world on the outskirts of known space. Similar games such as Dwarf Fortress, and Firefly have influenced RimWorld.

Managing the wants and moods of colonists, as well as mending their illnesses and wounds, will be part of your role in RimWorld. You’ll also be a member of a small group researching tactical gunplay.

5. Unclaimed World

We set the colony simulation genre in the upcoming years, on a verdant planet where people are just getting started. The game depicts a tug-of-war between humanity and nature in a world full of potential and perils, with characters and alien fauna brought to life through a rigorous simulation.

Understanding the alien environment is critical since found resources and crafting possibilities allow you to adapt when food becomes scarce, equipment fails, and alien animals attack.

6. Hydroneer

Hydroneer is a good option for many folks who want to design anything from a first-person perspective. This is a base-building game in which you spend almost as much time mining as you do doing anything else. While it has more in common with Minecraft than Factorio, it has enough in common that you should have a lot of fun with the base construction aspect.

Lay the foundation, get everything up and running, and sit back and watch your tiny creation transform from a fantasy to reality. While it isn’t as in-depth as some of its competitors, this is a highly enjoyable game that, if you put in the effort, might lead to some incredible project improvements.

7. FortressCraft

This game has been around for a long, however, it has never gained the popularity that it deserves. With its smart voxel design, it combines a headache-inducing mix of combat, assembly-line manufacture, exploration, crafting, and system management. One of the best Games like Factorio on our list for you.

It might get a little overwhelming at times, and it can feel like there’s just too much going on to truly master. It’s a must-try for Factorio lovers if they can get through the craziness and complexity.

8. Planetbase

In this game, the player is responsible for building, sustaining, and directing a space colony towards a central space known as Trade Capital in the game. He is made to choose from several planets to colonize. He is dumped on each planet with a particular quantity of resources with which to establish your settlement once you’ve picked your worlds.

The player will need to build generators to produce oxygen, as well as wind and solar power generators, water extractors, and anything else your base requires to survive. He will also have to think about food, bedding, exercise, trade, recreational activities, and a whole lot more.

If the colony thrives, the player will participate in trade with other colonies in his galaxy, with a variety of visitors and traders trying their luck in that colony.

9. Imagine Earth

Players in Imagine Earth must safeguard and nurture a fledgling space colony while battling corporate greed and climate change. In a real-time battle for galactic survival, establish trade, develop new technology, make alliances, and wage economic warfare.

 Imagine Earth is a strategy game with a real-time planet simulation. As a space colony manager, the player will be responsible for exploring distant planets, establishing successful colonies, and trading resources into space.

You can enjoy several features in it, for example, a “free play” mode with unlimited procedurally generated tasks, a multi-planet story campaign, a “competition” mode with five opposing factions, and a Planet Editor with custom building and terraforming are all included.

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 To defend your colony from invading aliens, roving space pirates, and swarms of locusts, use tower defense tactics. To gain absolute financial domination for your planet, form agreements with neighboring colonies and interplanetary traders, or launch devious economic warfare. Keep your global emissions to a bare minimum, or face rising sea levels, extreme weather, and other consequences.

10. Astroneer

Astroneer has a large number of reviews and a ‘Very Positive’ rating, which is well-deserved. This is a sweet little game that lets you construct your tiny structure while exploring worlds to see what you can find.

It’s like a mix of No Man’s Sky and Factorio. In this game, you’ll have to do a lot of building and crafting, and your base will need to run for everything to connect and work properly.

11. Satisfactory

Although by name, satisfactory has quite a resemblance with factorio. However, For many individuals, satisfactory is now the most popular option on the market. This first-person version of the Factorio concept is unique in that you only play as one cog in a larger system. You can, however, create anything as wild or as simple as your heart wishes. The game provides you with all of the necessary tools and strategies to begin creating something amazing.

Watch the trailers to see humans constructing everything from small industries to massive, vast megastructures. Whatever your ambition is, this game should be able to help you make it a reality at some point.


After learning the features of all games like Factorio, make your own choice to rule out the best one among them and have fun!

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