Fun Way to Save Money: Fortune City App Review7 min read

If you have ever been told that you shouldn’t play with money… Don’t listen to them! With over a million downloads, Fortune City broke the rules of ‘boring’ budgeting apps and gave you a virtual metropolis to run while keeping track of your finances.

Fortune City didn’t change the game, it is the game!

How to Play Fortune City?

You start with an empty town, with ‘Cashy’ as your tour guide, to show you how to prosper your Fortune City.

To flourish it up, put in your transactions every day and watch the first 5 expenses get turned into different buildings. For example, putting in your coffee expense will construct a cute coffee vendor, or your ride to work transaction builds you a bus stop.

How to build and merge

Once your metropolis is up and running, little people will be roaming around waiting for your invite. As the welcoming mayor that you are, these visitors become your citizens who now need a new job that match their skills

Visitors’ Profiles

Not only will that get them off the streets, but you will start earning gold coins. The more coins you get, the bigger and taller your buildings can become. You can start merging and upgrading them to boost your coin productivity and compete with your friends as well.

Coin Productivity

What We Love About Fortune City

1. Daily Reminders

Turn on the reminder option to record your expenses in case you forget. You can also choose which time you would like to receive the notification. Not only will you keep track of where your money is going, but you also get daily rewards!

Reminder Notifications and Daily Rewards

2. Smart Note Feature

Smart Note optimize your transaction suggestion according to history or location. For example, last week you recorded a transaction of $2 for a cup of coffee in Gloria Jean’s. Fortune City will detect the location of this transaction, so next time you visit the coffee house, the app will automatically suggest the same transaction for the same value to make your life easier.  

How smart note automatically puts in my usual coffee cost

3. Easy to Read Reports

Putting all games aside, you can check out the reports section to keep an eye on your financial overview. Through their simple and easy to read charts, you will have a clear idea on your spending at any week, month or year.  

4. Entertaining

Their sense of humor is also worth mentioning, along with the great lengths they took to making Fortune City as realistic as possible. With different looks and characteristics, each citizen has their preferences and is satisfied in their own way. All you have to do is be a good listener (or reader) and give what your people wish for.

Is Fortune City free?

Yes, Fortune City app is free to download, with the above-mentioned features available for all users. Nevertheless, if you want to dive deeper into the budgeting world, you can hire your own ‘Chief Financial Officer’ at different price plans. This subscription of $3/month or $24/year – along with a 14-day free trial – provides you the extra tools for more efficient money management.

What does the Chief Financial Officer do?

Identify Unnecessary Expenses

Distinguish between your wants and needs to cut those unnecessary purchases. This will allow you to avoid impulsive expenses without compromising your ‘self-improvement’ spending.

Wants and Needs

Budget for All Categories

Get an idea of where you can save money by estimating how much you regularly spend on each category and setting a budget accordingly. You can also create a total monthly budget, and they will calculate how much you can spend on a daily basis. The key to successful budgeting is to set realistic and achievable objectives.

Purchase Frequency

The most recurring expenses are known to build up rapidly, no matter how small they are. With the frequency tracker, you can easily identify those purchases and challenge yourself to reduce them as much as possible

Budgets and Frequency

Track your Trends

The app will help you maintain tabs on your progress and analyze any changes in your expenses. With the intelligent spending monitor, you will quickly know which expenses have significantly changed and what you can do about it.  

Removes Ads

You won’t get any pop-up ads while playing the game, however, you can still earn diamonds when you help out the salesman by watching his ads.

Fortune City: A Game or Money Manager App?

It’s one thing to create a good-looking budget app that documents all of your finances. But it’s definitely a challenge to get people to use this app every day and keep track of their earnings and expenditures.

Personal financial habits can’t be formed just with an intuitive interface that tells you what to do. Especially with the younger generation that has just entered adulthood and no idea what money management is. It does sound like too much effort…

But that’s the main point of Fortune City when they combined both fun and finance in a fully-fledged game. When you get users engaged in their own metropolis, then tracking your spending is no longer a ‘daily hassle’.

You can download Fortune City App on Android and iOS

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