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Dishonored 2 is a 2016 action-adventure video game Dishonored 2 allows players to take on Corvo or Emily’s duty and attempt to rescue the Evil Delilah off the world before it is too late. If you love to play action and adventurous games then you should try this game. You know that there are some codes of every game which enhance the gaming experience of that game. Read more about Dishonored 2 Safe Codes below.

So this game has also some codes which will give you immense gaming experience if you apply in your You’ll find a variety of safes holding various kinds of riches inside each task. It’s a great opportunity to create any safety deposit boxes you come across since they often contain very valuable items.

When it comes to safe unlocking, please remember that so many of the combinations found in writings (such as papers) but some printed in the world are random. This ensures that they’re unique each time you finish a job and try to open the associated safe.

Dishonored 2 Safe Codes and Safe Locations

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1) Good Doctor safe

Good Dr. Safe is accessible in the foyer of the Addermire Institute. To reach the Wall of Light use your Far Reach or Blink. Continue to find the Abandoned Wing. You’re going to come over a body. Next to it is a locked safe. The letter containing the safety codes may be found here.

2) Lower Aventa District

When the hunt for the Clockwork Mansion starts, Lower Aventa District Safe is available. To start with, locate the building and walk to the balcony. Climb up to the fourth level tormented by Bloodflies, and then go down into the cellar. Please note the safety code combination on the whiteboard outside the room. Finally, defeat criminals and locate the lady who is watching in a secure location.

3) The Royal Conservation 

To begin, find the conservatory and look for an abandoned structure. Within, you’ll find the Royal Conservatory Safe. To get the combination, you must perform a search for the Black Merchant. If you have got cash on hand, you also might bribe the merchant.

4) Dr. Vasco’s Safe

It is a bit difficult to navigate. The secure one, on the other hand, is kept at Dr. Vasco’s Disease Treatment Wing office. On the other hand, the doctor is always prepared with secure codes. Vasco is often spotted in the main surgery area with Dr. Hypatia. Consult your physician for a secure code combination.

5) Overseer Safe

Let us begin with the safety of the Overseer. While you’re on the lookout for the Addermire Institute’s crown murderer. The safe is on the third floor of the building. In the 7 Scriptures, the safe code number is hidden. Go to the next section. Two supervisors are preoccupied with a music box and a nearby letter. To get a secure combination, go to the message containing the Seven Scriptures.

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6) Winslow Company Safe

The goal is to find safety keys for the Winslow Safe Company. To the end of the trip. Go down the street from Addermire Station. To locate the safe, enter the building of the Winslow Safe Company. The safe sequence is randomly selected for each player’s game. The letter with the safety codes is stored at the front desk in the cash register.

7) Stilton Mansion Safe

The absence of security at the Stilton Mansion is particularly notable. As a consequence, you are free to enter without fear of harm. Locate the aristocratic private rooms and enter the music room via a hole in the floor. Contact the outsider and Stilton to get to the timepiece. To get to the Stilton Mansion Safe, you will have to go back in time. As a result, if you choose to do so, guards will be stationed at the mansion. However, even obtaining the safe codes is a challenge. You must locate and cremate the corpse of a wolfhound from the past using the furnace. Return to the current day to discover the safe already opened.

8) Ravina Boulevard Safe

After you’ve seen the Grand Palace, go down to the docks for some fresh air. Continue along the path until you come upon a large number of guards. The balconies above them may be used to gain access to Far Reach if necessary. Locate the watchtower, which offers a spectacular perspective of the surrounding region. Far Reach is once again making its way into the next residential development. The third level of the structure is the Ravina Safe Boulevard. The sole secure code for each game is 123.

9) Doctor Galvani’s Safe

Locate the lab near the Galvani Dunwell Tower. The Safe of Doctor Galvani is within. The password to the safe is behind a picture in the room. 451’s a safe mixture. Locate the lock behind a picture within the laboratory. Look for Lady Boyle’s artwork.

10) World’s edge safe

The Seven Scriptures provide the key to unlocking the puzzle. In the next room, you’ll find two Overseers hard at work building a musical instrument. You must track down a note that tells you to memorize three specific sections in the book. Contrast this to the 7 texts found beside the safe.

11) Mansion of the Clockwork

The locked building on this side of the road can only be reached by way of a fourth-floor entrance on the other side of the road. The balcony serves as an entrance to the fourth floor, which is infested with Blood flies. You’ll find a few criminals in the basement, which is located downstairs. You’ll also come across a woman who’s in charge of the safe.

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12) Correy Brockburn’s Safe

You may discover Correy Brockburn’s safe during the Clockwork Mansion assignment. Near the Aventa station, there is an alleyway leading to an apartment building. If you ascend the stairs to the next floor, the safety will be in a nearby office. A note about the gathering of Regents, numerous ingots, and lucky sphalerite will be stored in this secure place.

The combination is posted on something like a board outside the place of employment. The code is hidden by a bottle. Unfortunately, only the first two digits are visible. Players will have to spin it a few times to reach the final dial.

13) The First Captain’s Safe

Gamers may find another of the hesitant runs in the safe First Captain. The safe may be found and during the Grand Palace assignment. The initial office of the captain and the safe will be here. According to a note next to the safe, the code was scratched on another letter upstairs. The office of the Duke is where the players must go. There is a considerably less remarkable desk on the left side of the magnificent Duke’s table. The player will discover a message waiting for them with the safe code. The gamer may pretend to be a professional safecracker with this final code.


In this article, I have provided all the codes of dishonored 2 safe codes. You can just read them and apply these codes in your game to increase your gaming experience. To play this game you must need to know these codes.