All You Need To Know About The Loopring Gamestop Collaboration

Talks of a Loopring Gamestop collaboration had been circulating in the crypto community for some time now. The videogame retailer first announced its venture into NFTs, in May 2021, through a job listing with requirements of expertise in Ethereum’s Layer 2. The announcement resulted in a whirlwind of speculations suggesting a Loopring Gamestop collaboration. That … Read more

Guide: All about Metamask [2022]


MetaMask is a hot/active wallet, meaning that the asset’s wallet must be connected to the internet to fully access its functions on the web. This is a cross-custodial crypto wallet that can store excellent crypto projects safely without worrying about possible security compromises. All you need to store your assets safely on MetaMask is your … Read more

How to transfer and receive NFT from Opensea to Trust Wallet

Transfer and receive NFT

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, where you can find all kinds of digital assets. In addition to digital goods, you can also get collectibles, luxury items, and digital representations of physical goods. OpenSea is like an online shopping mall (say something like Amazon) designed specifically for millions of NFTs in hundreds … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) vs. Polygon (MATIC): Which is Better for NFTs?

Transactions involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are more popular than ever. Digital art, soundscapes, 3D models, movies, and other items may be sold with this non-interchangeable unit. NFT development services are full of satisfaction for companies entering the blockchain ocean, like Axie, Open Sea, and Rarible.  The Ether digital currency price chart for the last months … Read more

How to delete an NFT collection on OpenSea

NFT Collection

OpenSea lets you create an NFT collection. You can do this by going to your collections and clicking on “Create a collection.” Once you’ve created a collection, you can add items to it by clicking “Add Item.” This will save you much time because you don’t need to provide blockchain and collection. You can also … Read more