Why Has Crypto Lender Voyager Filed For Bankruptcy?

Crypto brokerage, Voyager Digital, filed for bankruptcy last month, and its clients are not taking the news lightly. On July 1st, Voyager announced it temporarily suspended tradings, deposits, and withdrawals using its platform. Stephen Ehrlich, the CEO of Voyager Digital, explained, “this was a tremendously difficult decision.” Yet, they believe it’s “the right one given … Read more

How Did Terra’s Governance Model Assist Its Collapse?

With regard to blockchain-affiliated organizations, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance model is crucial to ensure a decentralized community. The concept of DAOs enables blockchain users to implement the strategies they believe are best for the organization. Unlike what we are currently used to from the typical hierarchal corporations. So what exactly is a DAO? … Read more

All You Need To Know About The Loopring Gamestop Collaboration

Talks of a Loopring Gamestop collaboration had been circulating in the crypto community for some time now. The videogame retailer first announced its venture into NFTs, in May 2021, through a job listing with requirements of expertise in Ethereum’s Layer 2. The announcement resulted in a whirlwind of speculations suggesting a Loopring Gamestop collaboration. That … Read more

Binance Visa Card Guide: Read Before Placing an Order

Binance Visa Card

Spending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in stores and restaurants is becoming easier daily. More and more merchants are realizing the potential of cryptocurrencies and are embracing them in one form or another. Several cryptocurrency debit cards have recently emerged to help businesses offer digital assets as payment. Like any other conventional debit card, cryptocurrencies … Read more

The Best Crypto Debit Cards

crypto debit card

Spending Bitcoin or Ethereum is something new in the real world – not many stores, restaurants, and websites currently accept digital currencies, and for a good reason. Retailers fear exchange rates, find blockchain technology too difficult to understand, or view cryptocurrencies as highly volatile assets. Fortunately, new products are emerging to address all these issues: … Read more

What is Coinbase Vault, and is it secure?

Coinbase Vault

Knowing how secure Coinbase Vault is is is essential before deciding how to store and manage your cryptocurrencies. Keeping a huge sum of crypto in a hot wallet online presents several security issues. You could lose all your crypto coins if there is a hack on your online wallet. And it can be extremely difficult, … Read more

Nexo vs. BlockFi 2022

Nexo vs. BlockFi 2022

Whether you want to earn interest on cryptocurrencies or apply for secured loans, Nexo and BlockFi are two popular companies you’ve probably heard of. However, the accepted currencies, interest rates, and fees are very different between the two platforms. Available loyalty programs and crypto reward card benefits also vary. Our analysis of Nexo vs. BlockFi … Read more

Voyager vs. Coinbase: Which One Is Best for You?

Voyager vs. Coinbase

Although both are popular options for investors, Voyager and Coinbase are two very different types of cryptocurrency platforms. Each offers dozens of different cryptocurrencies and easy-to-use layouts, but that’s where the similarities end. Voyager, available as an app, is a cryptocurrency broker that compares prices from multiple exchanges and makes purchases for you at the … Read more