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This is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in an immersive world and shred our adversaries in a very forceful way, all with no consequences other than the occasional sickness of the motion. Read guide about Blade and Sorcery Mods below.

Warpfrog’s pioneering VR Medieval Fantasy has inspired many self-employed creators to make several creative styles for this amazing game.

We are sure that you will be in the right direction if you want to add some more weapons to keep things varied or want to transform your game into something completely different.

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1. The Outer Rim (Megapack)

The Outer Rim was created by Kingo64 as a “total transformation” mod which comprises custom maps, AI functions, and, above all, in-game blasters and lightsabers. The mod takes advantage of the sandboxing nature of the vanilla game: The FAQ doesn’t tell you how to use lightsabers and blasters, but explains it’s “a fun little discovery experiment.”

The maps of Mos-Eisley on Tatooine, Naboo, Felucia, and in the Kamino cloning plant have been published already. There are also more to come, such as the Death Star, Kashyyyk, and Mustafar.

2. Enchanted Weapons

The enchanted weapons mod gives the standard weapons of Blade and Sorcery a variety of flavors and visual improvements. They have no special skills or enchanted skills, they just add an extra layer of glamour to every swing and stab with your weapons.

The enchanted weapons mod gives you a refreshing experience if you are bored with standard weapons.

3. Witchcraft and Wizardry 

To complete the three mega packages I have included in this list, both a blast from the past and a tour on the Hogwarts Express will be completed.

The Witchcraft and Wizardry Piepop101 is a complete mod conversion for Harry Potter. It features weapons, including a basic Wall with six spells and the elder wall with many more capabilities. It also includes the Sword and the Golden Snitch of Gryffindor, the latter acting as a kind of petanque flying. The mod is also equipped with the Nimbus 2000 and Transylvanian Barb which allows you to play on the skies.

The megapack does not only have custom maps. These include the Field of Quidditch and the Alley of Diagon (or is it “diagonally”?) and AI customized waves for combat

4. Katana Megapack 

Katana Megapack is an array of Japanese Swords. The author who modded this release included various Japanese swords, some of which we discussed and some you tried to understand.

It has a sword called Nagamaki and is a long-handled sword used usually to fight against cavaries. The ceremonial big sword is also oversized. You can check the weapons information on the download page.

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5. Bloodborne Trick Weapons

   Complex weapons by NexusMods users Razor are astonishing to see for the first time.

The weapons in Bloodborne are identical  But they are also practiced in the same manner as well. In the original game, they can transform by imitating what a Hunter would do. Seriously cool, so cool.

Not as many weapons as some of the other mods are mentioned, but the most technical and unique weapons you can access in this package.

Try it yourself

6. Fisher’s Pistols Pack

 Blade and Sorcery are a fantasy medieval game, there are currently no weapons in the base game. There are a lot of mods to get you, but if guns are yours. It is best to add four unique arms, the Fisher Pistols Pack, to your arsenal.

The weapons consist of a 9mm basic weapons gun, an enforcer, an unfinished gun, and a Drakefire pistol. Every weapon has its sounds, animation, and behavior in total immersion.

The mod also includes bullets that cause your enemy unmistakable damage, immediate killing, and blunt injuries

7. Fantasy Megapack

Sushin has also been responsible for the “sorcery” of the fantasy megapack, where over90 fantasy weapons are introduced with different effects.

Most of the weapons are similar to the mediaeval Megapack weapons. we have a kind of magic, like Shredding, which causes blood loss, Or volcanic firepower which causes explosions of contacts. An enemy can occasionally spawn on your guard with a powerful weapon!

8. Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Given that the game is still in early access, it is often necessary to upgrade mechanically in the back pocket.

Slugga’s Combat Overhaul has been the best mechanical mod for Blade and Sorcery so far. The creator of the Mod, Slugga 17, said it was designed to tweak the fight to make the injury and effects in blaming and sorcery more balanced and realistic.

Mod revises the local damage system so that different parts of the body are not as damaged as others (i.e. a hit on the head is more damaging than a hit on the leg). More accurate tough physics, changes in the enemy, dynamic arrow damages, and much more are implemented.

9. SharpAI

Why not continue to improve the AI of our opponents because of the mechanics of fighting? One of the best in our list of Blade and Sorcery Mods.

More than 1800 C# codes are added by SharpAI to Vanilla AI. Everything this sophisticated code allows them to use every opening to start and counterattack skills.

They will not so easily lose their arms and will not be able to push them around. If you have the least fighting ability or want to take a little to the challenge. That’s needed.

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10.  Earthbending

It’s exactly what this mod sounds like. Have you ever been an Avatar Toph Earthbender, the last air bender? Maybe now you are.

This mode enables players to cast rocks against enemies, raise walls, shatter and defend themselves under their feet. This ability to live your earthquake dreams is gesture-based.

When all this is not large, the ability of earthbending to produce various effects like lightning spikes, bullets, and even meteors can be combined with the default spelling.

These skills might be a bit hard to get, so the mod has a tutorial map that helps you learn how to use them.

11. Star Wars Hero Fights

You have this mod if you have ever dreamt of dueling the iconic Star Wars characters. The mode adds characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, etc. to Star Wars that you can fight.

As far as we can see, apct17 is not intended to stop the updates of this mod. There is no evidence as to whether the Outer Rim conversion mod is compatible with this model, but the combined two would make a great gambling experience.

12. Mjolnir

Don’t worry if the super-cool Elon Musk version of the MCU isn’t your favorite. You can choose from other avengers. And modder Awonya brings your Blade and Witch gameplay the Thor experience.

Become Thunder’s God with the legendary Thor hammer Mjolnir who can accomplish almost all the feats seen in Marvel’s films.

You can fly, spin, throw, and even call it back in your hand regardless of how far it is.

It can also be loaded with lightning and held up to the sky immersively and then expelled enemies with your divine power. All this is unbelievably cool and stupid in the real world


Here have provided you all the best blade and sorcery mods. After going through them all one by one, try these mods and enjoy gaming.  Go through a better experience of gaming. Hope you love reading about “Blade and Sorcery Mods”

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