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Over the years, a large number of skating games have been released. Skater XL, on par with the THPS series, is one of the most innovative games in the genre. As a result of the skater’s feet being mapped to the two analog sticks, this game has a lot to recommend it. Console games may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Read About Best Skater XL Mods below.

This game is full of hours of fun thanks to a thriving modding community that constantly adds new features. So let’s take a look at some of the best ones you can find.

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Modding Basics

For modding this game, you’ll need Unity Mod Manager. Injecting the Skater XL mods will allow you to easily manage updates to the mods. Download the XLShred Menu mod once this is installed. For mods to work, this menu is required, as it implements their code into the game. JBoogie, a user with the screen name JBoogie, has created a comprehensive guide to installing these mods.

1. XXL Mod

Installing the XXL Mod is the only way to satisfy your desire for custom tricks. As with the other mods on this list, the XXL Mod has some features that are not available in the vanilla game, such as the ability to customize stats. There is always a need for new ground tricks.

When performing some of these tricks, you can even customize how your legs move, demonstrating a level of attention to detail that has never been seen before. Assemble more tricks for your next session with this must-have.

2. Stats Menu

One of the more recent mods from the community is the Stats Menu. It’s a must-have because it allows you to customize the gameplay in a variety of ways. Everything from gravity and pop height to push and flip speeds can be altered with this mod. Each of these parameters can be used to tailor the game to your specific style or to gain an advantage when trying a difficult line.

The presets are a good place to start, but you can also play around with the sliders until you find your favorite setting. Additionally, there are options for auto/manual catch and how your board rotates about your body if you want more control over the look of tricks. This is a two-part mod, with a second menu for customizing the board’s appearance.

Part two of this mod is all about your board. Exactly as it sounds, the Board Menu allows you to completely customize your board. It’s possible to completely customize your board set up using the Skin Editor, which we’ll discuss later. Grip tape, deck graphics, and even every wheel can be individually selected to fit your style.

You can then choose a new deck shape, from regular size to wide decks, and everything in between. In the next step, you can choose your style of truck and wheels. Assuming that you’ve got your board all set up and ready to go, there’s one more step to take with the Board Menu, and that’s Board Wear.

You can turn on intuitive and progressive board wear as you play, along with grip wear and truck wear, in the final part of this mod. A snapping board is also available, and you can choose whether or not it will do so randomly during your session. Best of all, you don’t have to update your settings unless you want to, as they are saved when you exit the game and reloaded when you start a new session, so there’s no need to fiddle around with them.

3. XL Graphics

It should have been called XXL Graphics because of how many options XL Graphics gives you. If you have a powerful PC and want Skater XL to take advantage of it, this is the mod to download.

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To make the game look its best at all times, you’ll find a plethora of different graphics options, as well as camera adjustments. Several effects can be turned on and off as well. Lens distortion, vignetting, and motion blur is examples of this.

4. Skin Editor

While the Stats Menu and Babbo Settings may be the croutons, the Skin Editor would be the bacon bits on the salad. Changes the way your character is dressed by separating the different clothing textures into their categories and allowing you to switch out your outfits at will, all without having to modify the in-game assets and textures themselves.

To change textures before this mod, you had to modify the in-game by editing the shared assets file and hunting for the path Id values to do so. Using a special file (called an XLSE) you can make your textures pop even more.

 A 5-panel hat, ski mask, beanies, and more are all available with this mod. In addition, this mod works well with the Board Menu side of the stats menu, which allows you to customize your skateboard by selecting different textures from your skateboard category in the Board Menu.

Merchandise creations are increasing at a rapid pace, so the possibilities are virtually limitless.

5. Applewood Park

Another map that should be tried out by all Skater XL players is the Applewood Park map. The Applewood Park map is a little smaller. Even with the right design, it will put your skating skills to the ultimate test!

Master XLs are those who have mastered both the map and all of the skate tricks available to them. In my opinion, this is a map that you should try.

6. Babbo Settings

The next mod on our list, Babbo Settings, is also a game-changer, but in a completely different way. There are some graphics settings that you would not normally be able to change with this mod, including the visuals of your game and the graphics settings.

In addition to overriding the game’s graphics settings, Babbo Settings adds additional features such as color grading, ambient occlusion, and even the option to add a faux fisheye lens when recording video.

People have tweaked it so much that their stuff looks lifelike. It can bring new life to the game (and get rid of that god-awful motion blur) and enhance your visuals for recording or screenshots. To download the Babbo Skater XL mod, you will need to join the Skater XL Modding community Discord.

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7.  Berlin XL

You can’t make a custom map when the skate park is too small. Germany’s capital city is one of the most ambitious custom maps ever created for the game, and Berlin XL is no exception.

As part of the project, Skater XL will be able to access Berlin’s street spots and parks. Also, it should be as realistic as possible. The map is extremely varied because it allows for a variety of skating styles, so download it if you’re getting bored with the game.

 8. Custom Maps

This is a list of things that are important to the modding community. However, it is a great place to start when you want to immerse yourself in the local culture. Finally, we’ll discuss custom maps. Members of a community create custom maps that may or may not resemble the real world.

When installing Skater XL’s custom maps, you do not have to shut down the game first. Simply minimize (or use a second screen) to download, drag and drop new maps into the Maps folder, and they’ll instantly be available for you to shred in-game. Hope you love reading about Best Skater XL Mods.

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